Watch: This Theatre Employee Has Super Cool Way Of Serving Popcorn & We’re In Awe!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Watch: This Theatre Employee Has Super Cool Way Of Serving Popcorn & We’re In Awe!

The best part about visiting the movie is not the movie itself but the delicious hot buttery popcorn. There’s nothing like munching on popcorn while catching a movie. Let’s admit it we’re often guilty of spending double on popcorn than the tickets. But who’s complaining right? Recently, a video of a theatre employee showing off his popcorn skills went viral. And it’s grabbing eyeballs on social media for all the right reasons.

Theatre Employee Shows Off His Popcorn Skills

Twitterati @Bornakang tweeted a video of a theatre employee in charge of the popcorn counter. This is actually a TikTok video originally posted by @oanderle. In this video, you can spot a staff member serving popcorn in style. First, he tosses the popcorn box in the air. And then, spins it around on his index finger. The server, Jason Grosboll then serves adds popcorn to the box like it’s dance choreography.

He drizzles melted butter and then dives in for another serving of popcorn. To make sure the melted butter mixes well with the crunchy popcorn, he expertly tosses the box around and spins it again on his index finger. The theatre employee looks confident as he shows off his popcorn skills at a theatre in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. @Bornakang supplemented the video with the caption stating that he knows the popcorn is as good as hell.

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Netizens Wish Every Cinema Hall Serves Popcorn Like This

Netizens were super impressed by Jason Grosboll’s popcorn skills. Many took to the comments section to laud him for the same. Others made memes about his energy and panache. One person hoped they’d have the same energy and motivation for their IT job. Another wish every theatre butter popcorn like that. Yet another Twitterti observes that the theatre employee probably likes his job a lot.

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But there were some who weren’t impressed with the popcorn box being tossed and spun around. One person commented that this technique of buttering popcorn has led to a lot of wastage. This is because the person has spilt popcorn on the floor. another person joked that heart disease has entered the chat due to the huge amounts of butter in the popcorn.

Meanwhile, did theatre employee this video impress you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @oanderle/ TikTok