We Took A Blind Tasting Challenge On North Indian V/S South Indian Food With Harphoul Mohini And This Is What Happened

by Suchismita Pal

North Indian food v/s South Indian food – that’s a debate older than time itself and on our episode of Tere Gully Mein, we ended this battle with Harphoul and Mohini. We did a bizarre blind tasting challenge. Harphoul is from Haryana and Mohini is from Kerala. We got the two to try and introduce each other to their respective cuisines and have fun while they were at it.

Harphoul And Mohini Took The Blind Tasting Challenge With Team Curly Tales

This has been one of the most insane challenges we had to date. To begin, we ordered Rajma Chawal, Idli Vada, Samosa, Dosa, Choley Bhuturey, Chutney, Sambhar, Gulab Jamun, Curd Rice and Lassi. Our menu was a mix of the best dishes from the two cuisines. Guess what we did next? We blindfolded Harphoul and witty Mohini gave him chole and idli first. Being a hardcore North Indian guy, Harphoul identified the chole easily but he called the idli, rice ka bread. When Mohini was blindfolded, Harphoul took revenge by dipping momo in sambhar but surprisingly, she loved the combination of idli, bhatura and sambhar. 

Celebrating Love Through Food And Travel!

Despite the food differences, we absolutely loved the bitter-sweet chemistry of Harphoul and Mohini. They hail from different backgrounds and cultures but are united by one powerful thing, love. The power couple will be married soon. Mohini also said that she wants to make Banana Payasam for Harphoul and feed him Idiyappam too. She would also love to take him on a trip to the beaches near her home and the magical Eravikulam National Park. Harphoul would love to take Mohini to the agricultural fields of Haryana to feed her bhuttas.

We are in awe of the romance of Harphoul and Mohini. You too can meet them every Monday to Friday at 9pm on Colours TV. Let love make every day beautiful!