What Is UAE Pass? Sign, Share & Verify Documents With Just One App!

A comprehensive guide to UAE Pass and its benefits.

by Deeplata Garde
What Is UAE Pass? Sign, Share & Verify Documents With Just One App!

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital services, UAE Pass stands as a beacon of innovation. offering a seamless digital identity solution for citizens, residents, and visitors in the UAE. This guide aims to shed light on what UAE Pass is, the process of registration, and the myriad benefits it brings to individuals across various sectors.

What Is UAE Pass?


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The UAE PASS serves as a reliable digital identification for citizens, residents, and tourists in the UAE. It allows them to utilize wide range of online services from different industries. Furthermore, it offers capabilities such as electronic signature and document verification, as well as the ability to request digital copies of official documents. The service can also be used when applying for services from our partnered organizations.

The collaborative effort between Smart Dubai, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority has announced has expanded the offering on its flagship UAEPASS. UAE Pass aligns with the region’s overarching vision to position itself as a leading digital economy, fostering a smart and content society. So now forget multiple usernames and passwords and just use UAE Pass to enter Government, Semi-Government and Private websites.

How To Register for UAE Pass


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Embarking on the journey to leverage the benefits of UAE Pass is a straightforward process, involving three simple steps:

Download The App

Obtain the official UAE Pass app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sign Up

  1. Install the application
  2. Scan your Emirates ID
  3. Authenticate your email and phone number through a One Time Password (OTP)
  4. Generate a PIN
  5. Confirm your account through the facial recognition feature
  6. Establish a new password for digital signatures

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Benefits Of UAE Pass


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UAE Pass unfolds a host of advantages for its users, enhancing their digital experience in various dimensions:

1. Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of a single login for multiple websites and applications, eliminating the need to juggle various usernames and passwords.

2. Digital Signatures

Effortlessly sign documents digitally using biometric data, such as face or fingerprint, directly from your smartphone. Otherwise, you can directly visit the kiosk to sign the documents,

3. Security & Advanced Technology

Harnessing the power of blockchain and biometrics, UAE Pass ensures the utmost security and privacy for user data and transactions.

4. Feature-Rich App

Explore features such as document verification, service exploration, and direct support contact for a comprehensive digital experience.

5. Paperless Transactions

UAE Pass streamlines processes by enabling users to request and share digital versions of official documents with various partners, eliminating the need for physical documents and in-person visits.

6. Access to Smart Services

Easily access over 6000 services offered by these agencies by logging into their websites and applications throughout the Emirates.


In conclusion, this pass emerges as a transformative and user-centric service that not only simplifies the digital landscape but also champions security, efficiency, and innovation. As users embrace this digital identity, they are poised to unlock a realm of possibilities, making their digital interactions more seamless and enhancing the overall quality of their digital lives.

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