Dress Up For A Jungle Safari Like A Pro!

by Japleen Kaur
Dress Up For A Jungle Safari Like A Pro!

We all know the essentials that need to be carried to a jungle safari. Well, almost all of us. For the unaware, here: Planning To Go Wild? Here’s Everything You Need To Pack For A Jungle Safari Adventure! We’ve got a low-down of everything you should wear to a jungle safari!

While on a jungle safari, you need to go back to the basics and choose comfort over fashion. Why? Because sitting in a jeep for 6 hours straight, in the same position can be a little tiring. Just a little.


Let’s start from the top. It is advisable to tie your tresses up in a ponytail or a bun or even a cute braid, and even if you don’t, 15 minutes into the drive, you will do it automatically. Yes, it is that breezy. If you plan to leave your hair open, make sure you have a hat/cap to keep it in place.

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Tees Or Blouses?

Next up, upper body clothing. Go for a tee that isn’t too tight and gives your skin ample breathing space. Full sleeves t-shirts are preferable as you can get exposed to insect bites. But, it tends to get hotter as the day goes by, so go for sleeveless ones and carry a light jacket! Easy-peasy.

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Shorts or Skirts?

For bottom wear, think track pants, cotton leggings or anything that allows you to sit like you would at home. Again, wearing shorts is up to you. People did tell me it is not a good idea, considering the ‘dangerous bites’ but I am back and alive, sans any wounds. So it is just a myth. Go ahead and show those legs if you want!

On one of the safaris, I wore dungarees and never felt more comfortable. Avoid jeans if you can or anything that requires you to wear a belt.

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Before we move on to footwear, please remember to wear earthy hues, clothes that will help you camouflage with your surroundings. Green, beige, brown, orange, light pink shades etc, colours that are in sync with nature. You don’t want to appear too flashy and loud colours will expose you easily. The naturalists, guides, jeep everything will be green, so that gives you enough hint.



Apart from all of the above, shoes are where you have to strike all the brownie points. Of course, the absolute best would be to go for sneakers as they will keep you up and above. If for some reason you cannot arrange for one, flip flops or sandals also work.

99% of the time you will be sitting in the jeep but Taj Safaris will take you for a nice nature walk, so you cannot be strolling around in heels. Suede ones at that. Just please don’t. Also, God forbid if your jeep breaks down and you do have to walk in the jungle, that’s exactly when you will remember me.

Rest, keep your shades on, make Odomos your BFF and get ready to set fashion trends anyway.


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