When And Where Can You Catch The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse? Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

by Mallika Khurana
When And Where Can You Catch The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse? Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

As the night descends upon the world, a celestial spectacle is set to unfold, painting the dark canvas of the sky with hues of wonder and intrigue. A partial lunar eclipse is poised to grace the heavens on the night of October 28-29, promising to be a mesmerising show for skywatchers around the globe. This celestial dance, where the Earth positions itself between the radiant sun and the ever-watchful moon, will create an otherworldly transformation of our lunar neighbour. Let’s explore this lunar extravaganza and discover additional insights into the wonders of the October night sky.

But First, What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

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A lunar eclipse is a remarkable celestial event that occurs when the Earth positions itself between the Sun and the Moon, leading to a captivating alignment of these celestial bodies. During this alignment, the Earth casts a shadow that obscures the sun’s light from reaching the moon. This unique cosmic dance results in the moon taking on a reddish-brown or orange hue, creating a captivating transformation of its usual appearance.

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When And Where To Watch The Eclipse

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  • The lunar eclipse is scheduled to commence at 11:31 pm on October 28.
  • The eclipse will continue through the night and conclude at 3:36 am on October 29, according to DD News.
  • For those in India, the lunar eclipse will be visible from all places around midnight.
  • The celestial display can also be observed from various regions, including the Western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, eastern South America, northeastern North America, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific Ocean.
  • In particular, viewers in New Delhi, the capital city of India, can expect to see the moon from the southwestern side of the sky.
  • The moon will start its journey through Earth’s shadow at 01:06 IST and will exit this shadow at 02:23 IST.

More Celestial Events To Look Forward To

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The lunar eclipse in October adds to the celestial tapestry of events in the month. Just a few days ago, on October 14, a solar eclipse, often referred to as the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse, graced the skies. This solar eclipse, known as an annular solar eclipse, occurs when the moon covers the centre of the sun, leaving a brilliant ring-like halo of sunlight around the moon’s edges. Looking ahead, the next lunar eclipse that will be visible from India is expected to occur on September 7, 2025. What sets this future eclipse apart is that it will be a total lunar eclipse, offering an even more breathtaking astronomical display.

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The last total lunar eclipse visible from India occurred on November 8, 2022, making this upcoming event a highly anticipated celestial spectacle. In addition to these eclipses, sky-gazers can also anticipate the Orionid meteor shower this month, with peak viewing expected on October 21 (October 22 in India).

During this event, lucky observers may witness up to 25 shooting stars per hour as they streak across the night sky, adding to the celestial wonders that October has in store for stargazers.

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