71 KM From Mumbai, A Farm Stay In Maharashtra’s Shahpur Converts Into A Tiny Island During Monsoon

Mohraan Farms
by Ankita Mazumdar

Did you know about a good farm stay in Shahpur, Maharashtra that turns into a tiny island during the time of heavy monsoon? Well, we have found a great hidden gem, just for you. You can either travel by train or it is a drive of three hours from Mumbai. We would suggest you plan a weekend getaway and visit this tiny island.

This Farmstay In Shahpur, Maharashtra Becomes A Tiny Island


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Mohraan – Food Forest is a genuine experience of a farm stay. If you are looking for a pristine, away from the city life and the nagging sounds of horns and vehicles, then book your stay at Mohraan. They are located in the peaceful countryside with the facility to cook naturally produced food for the guests.

If you are adventurous enough then, visit this place during the monsoons. Mohraan turns into a tiny island because there is a perennial stream, a river flowing, a natural pool, and many waterfalls nearby. When it rains heavily, which Maharashtra is known for, the water level nearby goes up. Therefore, Mohraan turns into a tiny island.

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This situation becomes perfect for the activity of swimming. If you are itching to have a good swim session with your friends, this farm stay in Shahpur, Maharashtra offers you a natural swimming pool. Wouldn’t you want to stay here for this incredible situation?

Come Rest In The Lap Of Nature


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The aspect of being in the embrace of nature is their true motto. They have specifically designed to be closer in nature, in terms of the stay situation, food facilities and exploring nearby. The farm stay is very spacious and you will actually let go of your worries.

Imagine when you sit on their lovely veranda which connects the two villas, sipping on a refreshing cup of tea and slowly breathing in the cool breeze blowing. Sounds freaking calming, right? On top of that, this farm stay in Shahpur, Maharashtra is situated in the midst of mango groves! How cool is that?

Mohraan Gives You A Great Food Forest Experience


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Mohraan throws critical light on the aspect of food. They traditionally prepare the food using freshly obtained natural ingredients from the food forest itself. They do harvest great produce and you may actually feel the food having a great quantity of nutrition and taste as their produce is not injected by any fertilisers.


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Mohraan is so thoughtful that if you want to try local food, vegetables or meat products including local fish they will happily source it and prepare it for you. It is always better to start with a local cuisine and get immersed in their culture to get all the feels. Plan for a local meal then . They will charge extra for it but it will be worth it.

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So are you making any swimming plans anytime soon? Remember to book your stay at Mohraan during the monsoons.

Where: Mohraan, Shahpur, Maharashtra
Check-Out Time: Before 10 AM
Price: ₹8,000/night

Cover Image Credits: Mohraan/Airbnb

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