Why Are Dubai Residents Heading To The Beach At Night?

by Anupriya Mishra
Why Are Dubai Residents Heading To The Beach At Night?

Recently some Dubai beaches opened to the public 24*7. However, it seems that people are landing there in large numbers during this time. From enjoying fun-filled beach activities at midnight to taking a swim during the wee hours of the morning, they’ve been bustling with people as the rest of the city catches up on sleep. So, if you have also been wondering why there’s been a shift, a report by the New York Times sheds some light on this phenomenon.

Dubai Night Beaches Popular Escape From Summer

Sunset beach walk
Pic credits: Pexels

It was not too long ago when the Dubai Municipality announced that some Dubai beaches would be open for people even after sunset. This means they will be open 24*7! And it seems that people in the city are making the most out of this development as it continues to be unbearable to step out during the day. Yes, this was pertinently reflected in a recent article by the New York Times, which stated that night beaches have become a popular way to cool down and this is also the case in Dubai.

With the lifeguards also working their nightshift, Dubai beaches have been lit up by bright floodlights that have been set up on the shore. As it happens, some beaches like Umm Suqeim happens to be a hotspot for people, especially between midnight and 4 AM. A basic reason for this has been attributed to the fact that night beaches make it much easier for residents and tourists alike, to cool off during summers as it’s quite hot during the day.

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Recently, Some Dubai Beaches Were Opened For Public At Night

At this point, it should be mentioned that it was only recently that Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah 3 and Um Auqeim opened to the public during the night. Each of these beaches boasts 800 m, and they are flooded with powerful lights that illuminate the sea, thereby allowing beachgoers to swim safely at night. As it happens, there are also electronic screens on the beach, which display important safety information. And of course, there are qualified lifeguards on duty to ensure the utmost safety of the people at the beach.

So, if you have also been planning to check out the beach after the sunset, don’t hold yourself back! After all, you might just have a great time.

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