Why Is Swiggy Charging ₹2 Extra On Orders? Here’s What This Additional Charge Means

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Why Is Swiggy Charging ₹2 Extra On Orders? Here’s What This Additional Charge Means

Life has become so easy ever since we can get food delivered at our doorstep anytime, thanks to these food delivery apps. While ordering food, you must have noticed the tax and delivery fee they charge, well, pay a little more attention as it will now also have a ₹2 extra charge on your order if you are ordering from Swiggy. Well, what is this additional charge and what does it mean? Keep reading as we help you understand this additional charge.

Swiggy Charges ₹2 Extra On Orders

The food tech giant, Swiggy, has started charging its customers an extra ₹2 charge on every food order, no matter how much is the cart value. This charge is made under the name platform fee. This fee is charged only on the food orders received on the main application and not for Instamart users.

A Swiggy spokesperson said that the platform fee is a nominal fee charged on food orders. This cost will enable them to maintain, develop, and upgrade their platform and app features, resulting in a flawless app experience.

This new charge has been already implemented in two major cities of India, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Mumbai and Delhi too might be soon affected by the same.

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Users Seem Unhappy With This News

Swiggy users seem to be extremely unhappy with this news. They voiced their opinions on social media platforms. Many posted screenshots of their order bill which showed platform fees on it and expressed their unhappiness over the same.

They named it to be a new way of collecting from customers. One user pointed out that the prices have already jacked up in the restaurant and now they have come up with this new fee.

In another move, the business terminated its premium grocery delivery pilot programme, “Handpicked,” after increasing the cost of food orders.

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