Home Hack: Vlogger Shares Magical Hack To Clean Copper And Brass Utensils Easily

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Home Hack: Vlogger Shares Magical Hack To Clean Copper And Brass Utensils Easily

Talk about a traditional Indian kitchen, and you will surely find copper and brass utensils. Brass and copper utensils have been a part of every Indian kitchen since forever; I am sure your grandparents still use them. It is believed that cooking or storing food or water in them has health benefits. But how to clean them after they turn black has always been a huge question. But not anymore, as a vlogger shares this magical hack!

Magical Hack To Clean Copper And Brass Utensils

I am sure you must have seen your mother scrubbing copper and brass utensils to help them shine and regain their original colour. Well, many times, even after scrubbing it, the colour is not retained. But now say goodbye to all the hard work and scrubbing as you can, within seconds, clean these utensils.

A video posted on YouTube is doing the rounds on the internet these days. The video is posted on ‘Cooking With Reshu’, a YouTube channel. The reason her video got popular is that she shared a magical solution that helps clean brass and copper utensils with zero effort.

In the video, Reshu, a vlogger, can be seen pouring a solution into the copper utensil and then shaking it a bit. Within no time, the utensil is seen regaining its original colour and shine.

Magical Solution

To make this magical solution, all the vlogger did was mix two teaspoons of salt with two teaspoons of citric acid. She mentioned that one can easily find citric acid in general stores near them. It is also known as nimbu ka phool. 

She then added a cup of water to it and stirred them until salt and citric acid were completely dissolved in the water. Your solution is ready!

Now all you have to do is, if your copper and brass utensils are flat, simply dip them into this solution and wait for a few minutes. But if you want to clean bottles or glasses, just add this solution and swirl it inside the utensil for a few minutes.

You will see that the utensils easily regain their colour in no time!

copper and brass
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