Why Medics In The UAE Suggest Taking Pre-Travel Medical Consultations? Read

by Anupriya Mishra
Why Medics In The UAE Suggest Taking Pre-Travel Medical Consultations? Read

It often happens that when you’re travelling for a holiday to the destination of your dreams, you end up falling sick. This could happen due to a number of reasons, ranging from a change in food choices to even drastic changes in climatic conditions. As a result, the entire fun of the vacation goes up in smoke! However, you can avoid all of this through a simple pre-travel medical consultation that will let you enjoy your vacation without falling sick. And here’s why the medic in the UAE suggests the same.

Here’s Why You Must Consider Pre-Travel Medical Consultation

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According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was revealed that the medics in the UAE have revealed that it is highly likely that people may fall sick during their holidays. These travel-related illnesses can however be avoided through a simple pre-travel consultation. Prioritising this consultation with a travel medicine clinic is very important, as it can help in avoiding jeopardising, what’s probably your dream vacation. As it happens, there are several hospitals in the UAE that even have clinics dedicated to travellers, providing such preventive medical care.

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This Consultation Can Include Prescribing Medicines Or Even Vaccinations

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The report also opined that according to doctors from such travellers’ health clinics, there are several hospitals that specialise in travel medicine. They offer preventive medical care, which includes everything from vaccination against tropical diseases to prescribing medications for preventing diseases. Not to mention, the report revealed that most of the people who land at these clinics for consultations are those who are travelling internationally. This is done as the clinics carry out individual risk assessments according to the person’s travel plans. So, if you reach out to doctors before embarking on your holiday, you can help in preventing several health risks rising from infectious diseases or even environmental hazards.

As it happens, doctors advise carrying a medical kit for adults and children during their holiday. From thermometers and insect repellents to motion sickness meditation, anti-allergic medications, cough syrups, and even fever medications, one must have a bunch of basic medications packed with them. Moreover, they should also keep a bunch of spare bandages or sterile dressing in case the need arises.

On a concluding note, when you are travelling, make sure to keep your medications in the handbag so that you have access to them even while you’re on the flight.

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