You Will Be Stunned To See This UFO Style Hotel In Norway That Also Conserves Energy

by Kritika Kukreja
You Will Be Stunned To See This UFO Style Hotel In Norway That Also Conserves Energy

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Hotel Svart sits at the foot of Norway’s second largest glacier and also uses 85% less energy than a regular hotel. 

What Is It?

With a breath-taking location at the foot of Norway’s second largest glacier, Hotel Svart is a UFO style hotel that conserves energy as it runs. Scheduled to open in 2021 near Northern Norway (just above the Arctic circle), this hotel uses 85% less energy. Architects of the hotel are planning to build the structure in such a way that it consumes lesser energy and also build a geothermal well so that the water will be naturally heated. 

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The Structure

It will be a ring-shaped inn made out of wood mainly, instead of concrete or steel. The ring will be adorned will solar panels to harvest sunlight for energy. The walls are designed in a way to provide insulation in the winter and ventilation during the summer. The furniture inside the hotel will be made out of recyclable materials to reduce the cost even further.

According to Hotel Energy Solutions, energy is the second largest expenditure in the hotel business. Building a hotel in such a precious environment comes with its limitations so its important to preserve its natural beauty and minimize the environmental damage as much as possible.

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What Else?

Along with the eco-friendly factor, the location is a definite attraction for tourists. It is situated just above the Arctic circle with an untouched countryside close by. Visitors can indulge in activities like trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. 

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