Wish To Operate A Drone In Dubai? Well, Take Note Of These New Laws Regarding It

by Deeplata Garde
Wish To Operate A Drone In Dubai? Well, Take Note Of These New Laws Regarding It

Drones are no more a device that would make us feel caught up by surprise. From surveillance to videography, these robotic machines have become a part of our life. But it comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In order to keep the use of Drones in check, HH Mohammed Bin Rashid has announced a guide. The guide revolves around the safety and security protocols that have to be followed by Drone owners.

HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Announces Law Regarding Drone Activity

According to the legislation, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) would be in charge of developing a fuel and power supply for flying cars and taxis as well as making sure drone airports adhere to international standards. Airports for flying cars and drones with no emissions might function as a network of entirely sustainable public transportation. They are made to reduce traffic and air pollution.

A certification of completion must be issued by the DCAA if the designs and proposals adhere to the transit and traffic control policies and established urban planning standards of the Emirate. The DCAA is in charge of establishing the rules and requirements for getting pre-approved and approving consultants and contractors working on the construction of drone airports and the terminals, facilities, and infrastructure that goes with them.

The new law prohibits acquiring fuel for drones without prior approval from the DCAA.

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Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects Will Be In Charge Of Approvals

The DAEP is responsible for granting engineering designs for drone airports intended for non-government use. The departments will be henceforth in charge of creating criteria and standards for designs, pre-qualifications, and complete certification of contractors. The department will also give approvals for infrastructure-related things. According to the new legislation, no one is allowed to build drone-related infrastructure, like airports, or provide drone fuel unless they have a DCAA licence. In compliance with the terms and guidelines established by the authority in this regard, the licence will be issued after consulting with the pertinent parties.

Any provisions in other laws that might be at odds with the new law would be regarded as invalid.

The law has come into immediate effect on 18th April 2023.

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