With 35% Increase Than Previous Year, Over 2.4 Lakh Violators Booked For Improper Parking In Delhi

Numerous booked for unlawful parking this year.

by Tejashee Kashyap
With 35% Increase Than Previous Year, Over 2.4 Lakh Violators Booked For Improper Parking In Delhi

Delhiites know the city’s chaotic traffic. Among the myriad challenges, improper parking stands out as a persistent and exacerbating issue. In a recent crackdown, the Delhi Traffic Police booked over 2.4 lakh (240,000) violators for improper parking.

Numerous Violators For Improper Parking In Delhi

Delhi Gurugram 6-Lane Expressway
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Delhi’s roads are teeming with cars, bikes, buses, and a variety of other vehicles. This leads to frequent traffic snarls and congestion. According to officials, the Delhi Traffic Police has already booked over 2.4 lakh people for unlawful parking this year. The figures are up roughly 35% from the previous year. According to the traffic police, there has been a notable increase in the number of prosecutions. All of these reasons point to inappropriate parking charges this year. This figure, although staggering, is reflective of the endemic nature of improper parking in the city.

There has been a noticeable uptick in enforcement as part of a larger effort to enhance traffic flow and guarantee the safety of all city drivers. The Delhi Traffic Police has been working harder over the last few months to address the pervasive problem of inappropriate parking, which is a significant cause of traffic congestion and accidents. There has been a discernible rise in the quantity of parking infraction challans issued as a result of this campaign.

In addition, the Delhi Traffic Police did a thorough analysis of ten traffic circles. These places held the most challans for inappropriate parking. The officials stated that by identifying these sites, focused enforcement actions may be put into place to enhance compliance with traffic laws.

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The Way Forward?

Sustainable solutions require a blend of enforcement, infrastructure development, public awareness, and policy reform. Public awareness programs have been started, according to the officials, to inform drivers about the significance of abiding by parking laws and the possible penalties for infractions. The public awareness campaigns aim to instil a sense of compliance and responsibility, which is crucial for long-term improvements in traffic management.

The goal of the Delhi Traffic Police is to guarantee everyone’s comfort and safety when using the roads. According to them, drivers are reminded to park sensibly and follow established parking regulations of the recent rise in improper parking.

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