With Over 200 Locals, ROSHN Waterfront Walkway In Jeddah Undergoes An Artistic Revamp

Art, Community, and vibrant vibes!

by Deeplata Garde
With Over 200 Locals, ROSHN Waterfront Walkway In Jeddah Undergoes An Artistic Revamp

ROSHN Group, Saudi Arabia’s top national real estate developer and a PIF-owned giga-project, has just unveiled an exciting refresh for ROSHN Waterfront. This landmark destination in Jeddah welcomes over 55 million visitors every year. With its new initiative, “Renewing and Coloring Your Steps,” ROSHN aims to boost community engagement, empower creatives, and enhance the public landscape.

Transforming the ROSHN Walkway, Jeddah In An Artistic Way

The heart of this initiative is a stunning transformation of the 3,200-meter-long and 5-meter-wide walkway, totalling 16,000 square meters. Saudi artists have reimagined this space, creating a layout that celebrates Jeddah’s unique features and ROSHN’s signature elements. By the end of May, over 200 volunteers from Jeddah will bring this vision to life, painting the walkway into a vibrant masterpiece. The revamped ROSHN Waterfront will be revealed to the public in early June, promising a visual treat for all visitors.

Empowering Local Artists And Celebrating Creativity

In the months leading up to this makeover, ROSHN launched a competition inviting Saudi artists to submit their concepts for the ROSHN Waterfront. Thirty-eight talented painters and designers participated, presenting ideas that were judged on their embodiment of ROSHN Group’s unique elements and their portrayal of Jeddah’s vibrant atmosphere and identity. The competition showcased the incredible creativity within the community and set the stage for this ambitious project.

ROSHN’s partnership with the “Lenobadir” volunteering initiative and Jeddah Municipality’s Social Responsibility Charity has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. This collaboration underscores ROSHN’s commitment to community involvement and social responsibility, ensuring the project resonates with the local populace and enhances their quality of life.

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ROSHN Waterfront: A Destination For All

Since its opening in 2017 and subsequent renaming in 2022, ROSHN Waterfront has been a central hub for recreation and relaxation in Jeddah. The area boasts several kilometres of walkways, jogging tracks, and cycling corridors, all designed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. ROSHN’s mission has always been to transform this area into a place everyone in Jeddah can enjoy, reflecting their focus on enhancing the quality of life.

ROSHN adopts a people-centric approach to development, focusing on building sustainably and promoting ‘living beyond walls.’ This ethos is evident in the ROSHN Waterfront project, which beautifies the area and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

The revamped ROSHN Waterfront is more than just a makeover; it’s a celebration of Jeddah’s culture and community spirit. As the new look gets unveiled in early June, visitors will experience a transformed space that combines art, nature, and community engagement.

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