Witness The Most Beautiful Sights While Travelling On World’s Most Wonderful Train Rides

by Shreya Ghosh
Witness The Most Beautiful Sights While Travelling On World’s Most Wonderful Train Rides

It is true that train rides are long and time-consuming but the journeys are so beautiful. There is simply no dearth of panoramic views surrounding you all around on these blissful journeys. Just riding on a train and witnessing the greenery passing by; train rides have their own charm. There must be some reasons why Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory loves trains so much! Wanna explore the most picturesque train journeys in the whole world? Read on!

These Are Some Of The Most Beautiful Train Rides Of The World!

1. Andean Explorer

Riding on the Andean Explorer is a luxurious experience and surely one of the most memorable train journeys of one’s life. This is the first luxury train in South America and undoubtedly the best experience Peru has to offer. The design and elegance of the train will transport you decades back. Sit, back, relax, and witness picturesque views from Cusco to Lake Titicaca.

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2. Rocky Mountaineer


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Based in Vancouver, travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer is a marvellous experience! This scenic ride comes with 4 routes in 4 different destinations such as Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, and Utah. Also, there are two levels; Silver Leaf and Gold Leaf. These train rides come with huge windows to witness the scenic routes and the most luxurious journeys for all the guests.

3. Glacier Express

Switzerland and its most picturesque train rides are on many globetrotters’ bucket lists. And to experience the best of it, you surely need to experience the Glacier Express. Connecting Zermatt and St. Moritz via Andermatt, this train ride covers a distance of about 180 miles in 8 hours, making it the world’s slowest express train. The journey might be laid back and slow, but there is no better way than this to witness the natural beauty of Switzerland.

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4. Rovos Rail


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To enjoy world-class experiences of train rides, you need to add Rovos Rail to your bucket list. Travelling with Rovos Rail is a completely different experience with the vintage-styled wood-panelled coaches and all the stunning designs. The journeys come with a wide range of 48 hours to 15 nights.

5. Eastern And Oriental Express

Asia has such a vibrant charm all around and to witness the magnificence of Asia’s diverse culture and many panoramic surroundings, travelling on the Eastern and Oriental Express is a must! This express train takes you on a journey in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

We are sure you are bound to fall in love with these train rides and their alluring views.

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