Woman Calls Poha The World’s Worst Breakfast & Starts Debate On X; Netizens Have Mixed Feelings

Do you love poha for breakfast or dislike eating it?

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Calls Poha The World’s Worst Breakfast & Starts Debate On X; Netizens Have Mixed Feelings

India is a land of diverse culinary experiences. The food options and preferences change from region to region and there are surely loads of choices to choose from. While some people love having idli-dosa for breakfast, some crave yummy paratha in the morning. One of India’s most famous breakfast dishes is poha and foodies kinda have a love-hate relationship with it.

X Post About Calling Poha The Worst Breakfast Stirs A Debate

Sharing a picture of poha, Muskan (@Muskan_nnn) called it the worst breakfast.

Indian cuisine has endless options for delicious and healthy breakfasts. All states have their authentic dishes that are not just popular among the people of the states but in other places as well. One such delicacy is poha. It is quite a common inclusion in many Indian families’ breakfast menus. But does everyone actually like eating it? Now, this is a topic of extensive discussion.

Muskan’s post about claiming poha the “worst breakfast” has started a debate on the Internet. Poha holds a very special corner in crores of foodies’ hearts. People love to enjoy this dish with grated coconut, bhujia, pomegranate seeds, and chopped onions. On the other hand, some even enjoy it without serving it with anything else.

But that’s not the preference for everyone. Many people have quite strong feelings against poha and they never like eating the dish, be it for breakfast or otherwise. Some call it bland while many call it dry.

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Netizens Share Mixed Responses To The Viral Post

As shared a few days ago, the X post about poha being the worst breakfast has gone massively viral. With over 756K views, the post has thousands of likes and reactions from X users. As expected, the reactions are quite contrasting as a section on Netizens love poha and others simply hate it. While many are agreeing with Muskan (@Muskan_nnn), others are hilariously commenting, “Kuch bol dunga Toh viwad ho jayega.” Let’s take a look at some of the responses of X users.

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What is your opinion about poha? Is it the best or the worst breakfast?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Miss khan🇮🇳 (@Heenakhan586)

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