Woman Eats Pie Mid-Air While Skydiving; Internet Shocked By Her Multitasking

by Sanjana Shenoy 284

How far would you take your multitasking skills? Well not as far as an Instagram influencer who combined her love for food and adventure. Mckenna Knipe relished her pie mid-air while skydiving. The internet is flabbergasted by her multitasking skills. She literally took multitasking to new heights! Here’s all about it.

Instagram Influencer Eats Pie While Skydiving

An Instagram influencer who goes by the handle @mckennaknipe ate pie mid-air while skydiving. In a viral video uploaded by her on Instagram, she opens a large box of pie and starts gobbling it. The pie had a purple-hue berry filling. She dances nonchalantly mid-air while taking huge portions of her pie with her hand and literally stuffing her face with it. Well, why can’t she have the best of both worlds- pie and skydiving!

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Influencer Earlier Ate Pizza Mid-Air

The influencer created this video to support Napoleon Cafe in Michigan which sells delicious pies. Well, this is not the first time @mckennaknipe created unique videos about enjoying food on the go. Literally. The influencer earlier posted a video of herself gorging on a  huge slice of pizza while skydiving. Well, the video creator certainly knows how to grab eyeballs.


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Would you ever dare to gorge on food while embarking on an adventure sport? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Picture Credits: @mckennaknipe/ Instagram and Unplash