Woman Thinks There’s A Spider In Her Food; Her Viral Reaction Will Make You ROFL!

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Thinks There’s A Spider In Her Food; Her Viral Reaction Will Make You ROFL!

Are you afraid of spiders or are you one of those very few lucky ones who are not at all scared of them? Well, no matter if you are afraid of them or not, you surely do not want one to crawl out of your food. We hate any bug or insect on our bowls and plates. It is such a disgusting feeling that it scares the bejeezus out of us. There have been many instances when we notice something in our food and think of it as an insect or a spider but after looking at it properly, we realise that it is something else. A sigh of relief!!! Well, something very similar happened to a content creator and she shared her experience with us.

Uyen Ninh Thought There Was A Tiny Spider On Her Spoon!

Content creator Uyen Ninh shared a hilarious video of spotting something like a spider on her food on her Instagram handle @uyenninh. But later it turns out to be something else altogether.


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The Content creator shares a fun experience in this video where she noticed something on her spoon. She was eating some rice from a bowl and she was using a spoon for that. While Uyen was simply eating her food, what happened after some time will tickle your funny bones. All of a sudden she found something on her spoon and just like everyone else, she thought it was something unhygienic. She thought that it was a spider.

Uyen Almost Had A Heart Attack!

Seeing something like a spider on her spoon, she felt like getting a heart attack at that moment. Had we been in her place, we would have felt similar too. But soon the entire situation took a turn and it turned out to be hysterical. It was not a spider or a bug or any insect. It was actually the reflection of a ceiling lamp.

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Netizens are in love with this super fun video. With more than 16.1 million views currently, the video has over 1.7 million likes and 4000 comments.

Did you enjoy the video just like us?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Uyen Ninh (@uyenninh)