From $24 For Curly Fries To $12 For Iced Tea, Coachella Food & Drink Prices Shock Netizens!

by Sanjana Shenoy
From $24 For Curly Fries To $12 For Iced Tea, Coachella Food & Drink Prices Shock Netizens!

Coachella has been on everyone’s minds for the past few days with Diljit Dosanjh setting the stage on fire and Ali Sethi and rapper Raja Kumari grooving to Pasoori. Desis are commenting and sharing videos from the music festival like it’s happening here in India this very instant. And if the tickets weren’t any less costly, what catches the eyes now is the exorbitantly priced food and drinks sold at Coachella. Here’s all about it.

‘The Sh*ttiest Part About Coachella Is The Exorbitantly Priced Food & Drinks’, Say TikTokers!

TikToker Says She Paid ₹5255 For Just 2 Iced Coffees & Burritos At Coachella

Jackie Tanti, a TikToker revealed on the app that the two burritos and two iced coffees at Coachella (which actually tasted good according to her) cost her a whopping $64(₹5255). An entire meal for five at a fine-dining restaurant back in India would cost you this much. Shocker, right?

She goes on to highlight that capitalism is at its peak at Coachella. In her TikTok video caption, Jackie Tanti calls this ‘the shittiest part of Coachella’. In no time this video went viral, garnering over 2.8 million views. Netizens poured the comments section with thousands of comments and 314,000 likes.

Keep in mind that Coachella attendees already burnt holes in their pockets purchasing tickets for the arts and music festival held over two weekends — April 14 to 16 and then again from April 21 to 23. The general admission tickets cost $549 (₹45,000 approx) and VIP tickets cost $1,069 (₹87,000 approx) per person.

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Attendees Slam Highly Priced Food & Drinks At The Music Festival

Another TikToker, Yvette, revealed all about her food and drinks and what she paid for them at Coachella. The TikToker said a double vodka with Red Bull cost her $26(₹2135), curly fries topped with chilli and cheese cost $24(₹1970), a BBQ mac and cheese amounted to $22(₹1806) and the Vietnamese speciality Banh Mi cost $22 (₹1806). And that’s not all!

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Yvette further added that she paid a whopping $78(₹6405) for just three drinks at Coachella. She called herself a fool for doing so. Perhaps, it’s best to BYOFD at Coachella — bring your own food and drinks! But that isn’t allowed either, so tough luck!

Well, have you ever gone to a music festival and paid exorbitantly high prices for food and drinks? Share with us your experiences in the comments section below so we can share shoulders to cry on!

Cover Image Courtesy: @jackietanti/ TikTok