World Cup Spirit Still Alive! Qatar Donates Buses To Lebanon Amidst Their Transportation Crisis

by Deeplata Garde
World Cup Spirit Still Alive! Qatar Donates Buses To Lebanon Amidst Their Transportation Crisis

With fewer vehicles on the roads due to the gasoline crisis, Lebanese civilians are squeezed into overcrowded public transportation buses. The taxi industry is also struggling. Qatar came like a Santa for Lebanon this Christmas. But it wasn’t on the one-horse open sleigh! Qatar has decided to donate the buses used for World Cup to Lebanon to help fight the struggling times.

Gulf State To Giveaway World Cup Buses & More To Lebanon

The total count of donations rounds up to 1000 existing buses with 3000 more that were purchased in the later stage to aid free transport for World Cup fans. The media resources reported that Qatar was also supposedly going to donate infrastructure along with buses. But the Lebanese resources pressed on the fact that the donations are only inclusive of a certain amount of buses.

Sources confirmed that the plan has been explored to establish a private Qatari company. This would give rise to a partnership across both countries in order to run the vehicles, control their administration, and build service centres.

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Doha To Dismantle Stadiums To Help Solve Economic Crisis Of Other Countries


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The idea, which is in line with the Qatar 2022 legacy, was inspired by Doha’s desire to provide some World Cup-related infrastructure to other nations. The list of countries particularly belongs to that are struggling economically.

In order to lessen the strain on the government in Beirut, Qatar pledged to supply the Lebanese army with 70 tonnes of food per month for a full year.

From all these donations we can understand the fact that the sporting spirit is still in the air of Qatar.

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