X User Shows Netizens That Podi Cream Cheese Bagel Exists & The Internet Is Genuinely Intrigued!

An X (formerly Twitter) user posted about the Podi Cream Cheese Bagel and Netizens, for once, are not entirely hating this food fusion idea.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Shows Netizens That Podi Cream Cheese Bagel Exists & The Internet Is Genuinely Intrigued!

Fusion dishes in India can stir some wild debates! While the concept is innovative, it sure has spoilt some of our beloved dishes that make us wary of this concept altogether! That was until recently when we came across this post on X (formerly Twitter). An X user posted about a Podi Cream Cheese Bagel that he spotted in a restaurant and it has stirred quite a conversation online. Surprisingly, the dish has not received as much hate as most fusion food does! Read on to know what the dish is and what Netizens have to say about it!

Man Posts About Podi Cream Cheese Bagel On Social Media

X user, @nishanth_who, recently showed the internet a dish called Podi Cream Cheese Bagel. Being served at Starbucks, this dish has caused a stir on the internet, and surprisingly, it’s not all hate! The man posted the dish with the caption, “I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe…” and he didn’t seem too impressed with the dish.

The dish is basically cream cheese mixed together with podi – popular South Indian masala – generously applied on a sesame bagel. Many Netizens agreed that while the dish isn’t conventional, it doesn’t sound too bad either.

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The Internet Is Intrigued By This Food Fusion

cream cheese bagel
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

For once, the Internet wasn’t all hate for a food fusion. The Podi Cream Cheese Bagel seemed to have intrigued a lot of people online and many wished to try it as well.

Some of the commenters have actually tried the dish and here’s what they had to say.

Of course, many were very downright horrified about this food combination and added some sarcastic comments to the post.

This is genuinely not the weirdest food fusions we have come across and it does sound a bit interesting! What are your thoughts on this South India meets West food combination?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@nishanth_who & YouTube/cravingsandcalories vlogs

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