Yamuna Expressway Accident: 12 Vehicles Crashed, 6 Injured & ₹1.5 Lakh-Worth Chicken Stolen!

An accident took place on the Yamuna Expressway where cars pile up due to dense fog and near-zero visibility.

by Shreya Rathod
Yamuna Expressway Accident: 12 Vehicles Crashed, 6 Injured & ₹1.5 Lakh-Worth Chicken Stolen!

Another accident took place due to dense fog and near-zero visibility. Several persons were hurt in a major pile-up that occurred on a section of the Yamuna Expressway near Greater Noida, while dense fog covered several regions of northern India upon awakening. The collision happened at Jewar on the Noida-Agra highway. Here’s all about the Yamuna Expressway accident.

Yamuna Expressway Accident Near Greater Noida

Images from the scene revealed cars and trucks that had been destroyed at the scene of the pile-up. Several boards that are used to mark off roadside pits on building sites were visible in the videos. The pile-up appeared to have been caused by cars speeding through the thick fog and missing the boards. As a result, they collided.

There were numerous occurrences like the Jewar pile-up that happened this morning when visibility was almost nonexistent in Delhi and the surrounding areas. Six automobiles were involved in a similar collision on the Agra-Lucknow motorway that resulted in one fatality and six injuries.

Cars were spotted navigating through the fog at a leisurely speed while using their danger lights. Train and airline operations are also negatively impacted by the low visibility. The fog cover caused up to 110 planes at Delhi airport to be delayed and 25 trains headed towards Delhi to come to a stop.

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₹1.5 Lakh-Worth Chicken Were Stolen

There was another accident at about the same time involving a car that was transporting live hens. The collision severely damaged the car. When the authorities pushed the wrecked automobile to the side of the road, they unveiled the live hens inside, which may have been worth up to ₹1.50 lakh.

The driver begged the people not to loot the car, but they ignored him and within minutes the vehicle was empty when they saw the hens. While some peasants were observed using their hands to catch live chickens and ride off on their bikes, others were observed loading sacks with the live birds.

Earlier this month, the Yamuna Expressway’s top speed restriction was set at 80 km/h to prevent fog-related accidents from happening.

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This speed restriction is in place as of December 15 and will remain so through February 15.

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