Fake Accidents & Thefts On NICE & Sarjapur Road Raise Safety Concerns In Bengaluru

If you are driving at night in Bengaluru, you might want to rethink. There have been several cases of fake accidents and thefts reported.

by Shreya Rathod
Fake Accidents & Thefts On NICE & Sarjapur Road Raise Safety Concerns In Bengaluru

During the Diwali holiday, there were two separate reports of attempted car thefts from various locations in Bengaluru. The victims talked about how it has become risky to travel at night in Bengaluru’s outlying suburbs on the social networking platform X. Here are the details of the fake accidents and thefts in Bengaluru.

Fake Accidents & Thefts In Bengaluru

The latest incident happened early on Tuesday between the Bannerghatta route and Hosur Road on the NICE route. Aashish Bansal described the experience he had while riding in a friend’s vehicle. Unidentified miscreants allegedly threw a cement block at the automobile to stop it and rob the owners.

People should exercise extreme caution when driving on NICE Road at night, according to Aashish Bansal. In his post, he wrote that when you drive out on NICE Road after dark, exercise extreme caution and say a little prayer. At approximately 2:30 am this morning, a cement block, about 6 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, was hurled at the car from one of the connecting bridges over the NICE Road. Their friend was dropping them off at home.

A man by the name of Srijan R Shetty told of an identical theft attempt carried out by thieves close to Sarjapur. According to reports, on November 8, a group of guys reportedly drove Srijan’s wife’s car a few kilometres into a rural location before forcing her to stop and demanding that she come out. In his post, he shared that it is difficult to acquire a cab from Sarjapur. So, his wife offered to drop off two more colleagues on November 8. For several km, a group of men followed their car. She was clever enough to only pull over on the main road and call the police right away.

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MP Tejasvi Surya Reacts On The Situation

Tejasvi Surya, the MP for Bengaluru South, responded to a post on Platform X regarding an attempted robbery on NICE road. He asked the Commissioner of Bengaluru Police to step up patrols on NICE and other high-risk areas to take down gangs that attempt to loot innocent regular people.

In his post where he replied to Aashish Bansal, he shared that he was astonished to learn of this as someone who frequently utilises NICE Road. It must have been a terrifying experience for the man! He sincerely hopes that the damage is tolerable and that you are fine now. He implored the Bengaluru Police Commissioner to order his squad to step up patrols on NICE Road and other high-risk areas and to take decisive action against gangs that attempt to harm regular people.

Other residents also shared their experiences with similar instances where they weren’t able to figure out what was happening.

A user shared his analysis of the situation and wrote that the riders intentionally tried to create an accident. The car owner is then subjected to abuse and extortion for money by these local goons. They usually target cars with non-KA registration and non-Kannadiga licence plates.

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If you live in Bengaluru, tell us about your experience of driving at night.

Cover Image Courtesy: Aashish Bansal/ X & Srijan R Shetty/ X

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