52-YO Man Arrested At Bengaluru’s KIA Airport For Sexually Harassing A Woman On Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
52-YO Man Arrested At Bengaluru’s KIA Airport For Sexually Harassing A Woman On Flight

These days, we come across many news stories about passengers creating ruckus in mid-air. From peeing on co-passengers to getting drunk and trying to open doors mid-air, there’s new weird news every day. Thankfully, the offenders are arrested and punished for their deeds. Recently, a 52-year-old man got arrested at Bengaluru’s KIA airport for sexually harassing a woman on a flight. 

52-YO Man Arrested At Bengaluru’s KIA Airport

Credits: Canva

A 52-year-old man was reported to have sexually assaulted a female passenger on a Lufthansa flight. The flight was flying from Frankfurt to Bengaluru. An FIR was lodged at the Bengaluru International Airport Police Station. 

The police identified the offender as Sankaranarayanan Renganathan, a 52-year-old man. During the flight journey, this accused is said to have attempted to touch the woman’s intimate areas. 

The woman requested a seat change from the flight attendant, according to the FIR. She requested so as the male persisted in harassing her during the flight. Following the flight’s landing in Bengaluru, the 32-year-old woman went and filed a complaint at the local police station.

The woman who filed a complaint against this 52-year-old man is said to be a resident of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. 

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Woman Harassed By Off- Duty Pilot

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A 20-year-old student claims that earlier this month while travelling from Bengaluru to Pune on an Akasa Air trip, she was harassed by an off-duty pilot. The Times of India said that the student claimed the pilot made her move seats so she could sit close to him and then offered her an alcoholic drink that he was drinking. 

The assault allegedly happened on October 1, as the student was taking a trip home following the conclusion of her three-month internship in Bengaluru. 

The woman claimed that, despite her attempts to contact the airline and the flight attendant for help, no one responded. Later, she stated that the airline replied to her post on social media, but nobody got in touch with her. 

However, according to Akasa Air, they did get into a complete, detailed investigation but found it difficult to reach the complainant. 

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What You Can Do?

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There are actions you can take to report a fellow passenger who has touched you improperly to the police as this is a serious offence.

  1. Alert a flight attendant immediately.
  2. Declare undesirable behaviour out loud so that the offender and other passengers are aware of it.
  3. Demand a different seat, far from the offender.
  4. Request that the flight crew identify the perpetrator and notify law enforcement of the event.
  5. Verify with law enforcement at the airport gate that the pilot is aware of the sexual assault before allowing the aircraft to land.
  6. To report the assault, get in touch with the airline immediately.

When the plane lands, legal enforcement will probably be waiting to meet with you if the flight crew reports the sexual assault immediately.  (As per Showard Law)

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