Air India Leaves Delhi-Kolkata Passengers Stranded At IGI Airport Disrupting Their Diwali Plans

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Air India Leaves Delhi-Kolkata Passengers Stranded At IGI Airport Disrupting Their Diwali Plans

Due to its poor performance, Air India is being criticised once more for leaving some customers stuck at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport. An aircraft malfunction caused the Air India trip from Delhi to Kolkata to be delayed. The Air India flight AI 762 was supposed to depart Delhi for Kolkata at 9 pm Indian Standard Time, but it didn’t leave until 11:55 pm.  The delay ruined passengers’ Diwali plans. 

Air India Leaves Delhi-Kolkata Passengers Stranded 

As many passengers were left stranded at the airport, there was chaos at midnight. The passengers were stuck at the Delhi airport till two in the morning. Many travellers had planned to fly ahead of Diwali to be with their families, but Air India’s flight cancellations caused disruptions.

The Air India flight AI 762 from Delhi to Kolkata was due to take off at 9 pm on November 7. This information was provided to ANI by a top doctor named Souradipta Chandra, who was slated to fly on the trip. About 4:30 pm, they received word that the aircraft had been delayed by one hour. 

When they arrived at the airport at 7:30 pm., they were told the flight would take off at midnight. They arrived at the boarding gate after a five-hour wait at the airport, where the staff repeatedly told them that boarding would start in ten minutes. After more than two hours of this, there was complete mayhem. The passengers fairly lost their temper, and the staff offered little or no assistance.  (As per Hindustan Times)

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No Refreshments Available

Afterwards, a number of travellers reported that they received no refreshments. According to travellers in economy class, there was no food or drink available. Doctor Souradipta had intended to travel to Kolkata to see his patients, but he was unable to do so because of a delayed flight.

He was able to have his ticket cancelled and get on another flight the following morning (today), which allowed him to go home and relax when he realized at 1:30 am that this flight would ultimately not go. His patients have also suffered as a result of Air India’s blatant incompetence, and his schedule was already disrupted. said Dr. Chandra to ANI.

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Technical Issue Cited

Dr. Souradipta Chandra posted a brief video of upset passengers fighting with Air India employees on social media and tagged Aviation Minister Scindia.

Air India responded on X about the flight cancellation and expressed their sincere regret that the passenger’s journey was hampered by the delay. However, they value the feedback greatly because it points out areas in which they can enhance their offerings and make sure that similar problems don’t arise again. Without a doubt, this will be investigated. 

As it has previously encountered, this is not the first time that Air India has cancelled a flight in that sector owing to a technical issue.

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