Yashraj Mukhate’s Latest Banger Is A Love Letter To Rasmalai. *BRB We’re Ordering Some!*

by Tooba Shaikh
Yashraj Mukhate’s Latest Banger Is A Love Letter To Rasmalai. *BRB We’re Ordering Some!*

The debate of Gulab Jamun versus Rasgulla might be endless but secretly, we all know that Rasmalai is the superior Indian dessert. It has the syrupy sweetness of Gulab Jamun and the pillowy softness of Rasgulla. Just speaking of it is making us hungry and we bet that you’ll crave some to after you’re done reading the article, if you aren’t already craving it. Yashraj Mukhate has released a song that is a love letter to Rasmalai, the king of Indian desserts!

Yashraj Mukhate Sings About Rasmalai


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Yashraj Mukhate is an Indian song composer whose claim to fame was when he turned an overly melodramatic scene from a popular Indian soap opera into a hilarious short song. Since then, he is known for his unique talent which marries comedy with music.

But his latest banger is not a regurgitation of any pop culture moment. He released a song about Rasmalai, a dessert that lives rent-free in every Indian’s heart and mind. Perhaps the most brilliant part about the song is the fun and quirky animation.

It depicts a cartoon Mukhate in a land of Rasmalai. Surely, we all have dreamt of splashing around in the milky goodness of the dessert and of lying on the pillowy pieces and just floating around.

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Netizens Are Drooling While Grooving

Understandably, the song turned out to be a huge hit among his followers. His love letter to the iconic deserved resonated with his audience and many were all-praises about the song as well as the animation.

He posted a snippet of the song on his Instagram and it immediately went viral. Ever since it was first posted, the song has received close to 1.5 lakh likes and even more views. And the numbers only keep increasing!

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Did the song make you want to reach for your phone and order some Rasmalai for yourself? Do you agree that Rasmalai is the best Indian dessert? If not, how does it feel to hold wrong opinions? Let us know in the comments below!

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