You Can Now Recycle Single-Use Plastic At Mumbai International Airport, Here’s How

by Sanjana Shenoy
You Can Now Recycle Single-Use Plastic At Mumbai International Airport, Here’s How

The next time you’re at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) you can recycle single-use plastic bottles. Yes, it’s your chance to reduce, reuse and recycle. Mumbai International Airport has set up Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) to urge passengers and airport staff to recycle plastic bottles. Here’s more about this much-needed initiative.

Mumbai International Airport Installs Reverse Vending Machines

Plastic pollution is the biggest menace in the world. In fact, it’s as much of a problem as global warming and climate change are. In order to facilitate its green initiatives, Mumbai International Airport has installed RVMs to spread awareness about recycling single-use plastic. You can find three Reverse Vending Machines at Terminal 2 for now. Later, three more will come up at Terminal 1. Just as the name suggests, unlike normal vending machines which offer products to customers, these machines accept plastic waste.

Mumbai International Airport
Picture Credits: Press Release

Interestingly, each Reverse Vending Machine at Mumbai International Airport is capable of both accepting and compressing a whopping 450 bottles per hour. It compresses around 70 per cent of the waste, which can then be transported to recycling plants without any hassle. Earlier, CSMIA implemented rules to make it 100 per cent single-use plastic free. With these new eco-friendly initiatives in place, the airport aims to reduce carbon emissions and achieve zero waste.

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These Machines Recycle Empty Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The Reverse Vending Machines at Mumbai International Airport have plenty of benefits. Firstly, it is safe, user friendly and very easy to operate. Next, the machine is equipped with an interactive 16-inch touchscreen. It will guide passengers to get reward coupons and even make donations through SMS. Next, these machines are spill-proof and patented. So, you should only put empty plastic bottles inside the machine as it doesn’t accept otherwise.

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Well, we laud Mumbai Airport for this fantastic initiative towards becoming a green airport. We hope other airports in India also follow suit and give us passengers a chance to do our bit for the environment.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release and Wikimedia Commons