You Might Soon Not Be Able To Post Links To Rival Websites On Twitter. Psst, We’re Looking At You Facebook & Instagram

by Suchismita Pal
You Might Soon Not Be Able To Post Links To Rival Websites On Twitter. Psst, We’re Looking At You Facebook & Instagram

The next time you’re using your Twitter accounts, you need to be extra careful. And the reason might surprise you. In a recent announcement, Twitter stated that it might ban accounts that promote other social media platforms. You might not be able to post links to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon from your Twitter handle.

You Might Not Be Allowed To Promote Your Facebook And Instagram Accounts On Twitter

If you’re a budding influencer or a blogger, you might need to skip that “Follow me @(your_account_name) on Instagram/Facebook.” By doing so, you might end up violating Twitter’s latest policy. And in turn, your account might get blocked. Twitter has stated that going forward, it won’t allow free promotion of these rival platforms. The ban applies primarily to seven platforms, namely, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Post, Nostr, Truth Social and Tribel. Twitter said it would eliminate accounts meant solely for promoting other social platforms.

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Twitter support posted a tweet on the same on December 18, 2022. Additionally, Twitter said that it would also disallow linking to third-party platforms like Linktree.

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Accounts Of Journalists Were Suspended

Twitter CEO Elon Musk had suspended the accounts of some journalists who were tracing the location of his private jet. Accounts of reporters from CNN, Washington Post, The New York Times and other publications were suspended. In a December 17 tweet, Musk posted. “The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now.”

Also, Twitter has now taken down the Social Platforms Policy on its Help Centre and certain tweets related to the policy have also been removed. Musk tweeted that voting methods for significant policy changes will exist, going forward.

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To learn more about the updated policies of Twitter, visit the Twitter Help Centre.

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash