Zomato Launches Rest Points With Washrooms, Internet & Water For Delivery Partners Of All Companies

Zomato rest points
by Sanjana Shenoy

In this day and age, food delivery agents are no less than superheroes. Think about it, they battle the cold winters, scorching summers and pouring rains to deliver your food, piping hot, to your doorstep. But even superheroes need a break to rest and rejuvenate. Keeping this in mind, Zomato has launched much-needed rest points for its delivery partners. Here’s all about it.

Zomato Opens Rest Points For Delivery Executives

As part of ‘The Shelter Project’, Zomato has set up rest points for not just its own delivery partners and even those belonging to other companies, even competitor Swiggy. So, both Zomato and Swiggy delivery executives can catch a few minutes or rest at the rest points, where they can use the washroom, drink some water, change their devices and even catch a quiet bite.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal took to Twitter to announce the launch of ‘The Shelter Project’. Goyal revealed that Zomato is on a mission to build rest points for the well-being of delivery executives of various companies. He shared a picture of Zomato and even Swiggy delivery executives sitting on the chairs, charging their phones and also eating some snacks at this space.

Washrooms, First-Aid Kits, Phone-Charging Stations & More

In the next tweet, Goyal reveals that the rest points are great points of convergence for all delivery partners, even those belonging to Zypp. He further stated that it was a wonderful opportunity to interact with the delivery partners’ community and get feedback from them. The Zomato rest points offer a flurry of facilities like clean washrooms, first-aid kits, phone-charging stations and drinking water. At the moment, there are two rest points nestled in Gurgaon. From here on, Zonato plans to set up more all over the country.

Netizens have welcomed this move wholeheartedly. Twitterati, @tweetsfromnivi lauded the initiative and also highlighted the fact that women delivery executives need clean washrooms to feel safe and comfortable. Another Netizen, @poojawk highlighted that delivery executives in Pune don’t wear helmets and urged Zomato to conduct random checks on this.

Meanwhile, what do you think about this food delivery aggregator launching rest points for the delivery partner community?

Cover Image Courtesy:@deepigoyal/ Twitter