1.36 Crore Indians Live Abroad And One Fourth Of Them Live In The UAE

by Sanjana Shenoy
1.36 Crore Indians Live Abroad And One Fourth Of Them Live In The UAE

Let’s admit it. We all have at least one relative who stays abroad. Every time our door ke rishtedaar come to visit us, we have our checklist ready for them. Right from imported chocolates that taste creamier, clothes that seem trendier to gadgets that are cheaper, we have all asked our loving relatives to get them from abroad. Well, now statistics by the Ministry of External Affairs in Lok Sabha, reveal that 1.36 crore Indians live abroad out of which one-fourth of them reside in the UAE. The ministry cited RBI data and stated that during 2018-2019, $76.4 billion was received as remittances from Indians residing abroad. During 2019-2020( April to September), $41.9 billion remittances were received.

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What’s In It?

The Ministry of External Affairs in Lok Sabha has stated that 1.36 crore Indian nationals live abroad, the highest of which are in the UAE, where 34,20,000 Indians reside. The UAE is followed by Saudi Arabia, where 25,94,947 Indian nationals live. This is followed by Kuwait (10,29,861), Oman (7,79,351), Qatar (7,56,062), Nepal (5,00,000), UK (3,51,000), Singapore (3,50,000) and Bahrain (3,23,292).

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From 2015 to December 2019, the mortal remains of 21,930 Indians from 125 countries have been brought back to India. The ministry revealed this figure while answering a separate question regarding the government having a cell to bring back mortal remains of Indians residing abroad. The CPV (Consular, Passport and Visa) division of the ministry is a significant division that coordinates with all posts or missions abroad in regards to transportation of the mortal remains of Indian national from abroad to their hometowns back in the nation.

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What’s More?

The ministry stated that posts or missions remain in touch with family or relatives of deceased Indian nationals to help them in transportation, local burial or cremation of the mortal remains according to the wishes and local regulations. The missions or posts collaborate with foreign sponsors and local authorities to carry forward and quicken the procedures for the repatriation of mortal remains to India and extend the assistance to the family including financial help for deserving cases under the Indian Community Welfare Fund. Now that you know 1.36 Crore Indians live abroad and one-fourth of them reside in UAE, its time to find more relatives to get you goodies from abroad. Did you know UAE Named The Highest Climber In Passport Ranking?