10 Family New Year’s Getaways From Bangalore For 2020

by Sanjana Shenoy
10 Family New Year’s Getaways From Bangalore For 2020

What’s New Year without your family right? Gorging on delicious food, grooving to peppy music, screaming the countdown together, embracing and wishing each other the best for the coming year. It’s just hundreds of memories made in celebration of one moment. Bangaloreans! We suggest you take this a notch higher. Venture out to a lovely getaway near Bangalore and celebrate New Year in a different place away from the chaos of the city. Check out our list of the best family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore, so you can put on your party hats and have a gala time this New Year.

1. Family Love In Lepakshi

Drive down 2.5 hours away from Bangalore along the Karnataka-Andhra border to reach the mystical town of Lepakshi. This town holds many mythological treasures of India. The legend goes that Ravana from Hindu epic Ramayana killed Jatayu here. When Lord Rama uttered ‘Le Pakshi'( Rise Bird in Telugu) the bird attained salvation. This is the meaning of this town. Lepakshi is a wonderful family getaway to immerse yourselves in the world of spiritual and architectural wonders like the giant statue of Nandi and Lepakshi Temple dedicated to Veerbhadreshwar. You can even go on a family shopping spree to the markets and get yourselves some beautiful handicrafts.

Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore , lepakshi
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2. Breathtaking Getaway In Shivanasamudra Falls

Spend a perfect New Year celebration in the lap of nature at the Shivanasamudra falls around 132 km from Bangalore. This gorgeous waterfall is situated on the banks of river Kaveri. Shiavanasamudra falls means Lord Shiva’s sea. Trek to the gushing waterfall and even have a little picnic there by the gushing waters. If you’re up for some adventure go on the round bamboo boat ride. The boatman will take you on a boat ride close to the waterfall and you can feel the cold waters on your face. Quite refreshing right? When you’re there do pay your respects to the divine at the Ranganatha temple and visit the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary too. This is one of the best family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore that you must visit.

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3. Spiritual New Year At Mahabalipuram

Explore the white sandy beaches and the beautiful ancient temples in Tamil Nadu’s Mahabalipuram located around 6 hours away from Bangalore. This town was once the abode of the popular demon king Mahabali, thus the name Mahabalipuram. As a family, there are a plethora of things you can do here like visit famous UNESCO Group of Monuments like the Crocodile Bank ( home to exquisite crocodiles and alligators), Shore Temple and the Five Rathas. Do stay in one of the beach resorts here and you will be good to go.

Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, mahabalipuram
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4. Adventurous Time At Kunti Betta

If you’re an adventurous family who like to go on treks together then Kunti Betta is your abode. Kunti Betta is famous for its night treks. The two rocky hills and the gorgeous Pandavapura Lake makes Kunti Betta a sight to behold. You can start your New Year in a fit and adventurous way here going on trekking, rock climbing and rappelling adventure together. Kunti Betta is around 3 hours away from Bangalore only.. so you can squeeze in some much-needed family time.

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Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore
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5. Family Time At Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Have your own ‘Man v/s Wild’ moment together this New Year. No, not at Jim Corbett Park National Park. But at Kerala’s Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary located in Wayanad. This is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad. Spend quality time with your family going on a safari together spotting animals like the panther, deer, tigers, elephants, monkeys and the Indian Bison in their habitat. This is a serene place which offers you the best of nature, and we would say it’s one of best family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore, so make your plans.

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6. Exploring Kozhikode

Go on a fun family road trip to Kozhikode in Kerala, which is around 356km from Bangalore. It’s said that Vasco Da Gama discovered India when he reached the iconic Kappad Beach in Kozhikode in 1498. When you’re in this gorgeous destination you can witness serene beaches, historic sites, Wayanad hills and much more. You can celebrate a blissful New Year gorging on delicious local cuisine and exploring Kozhikode and its wonders with your family. During the month of January Kozhikode celebrates ‘Malabar Mahotsavam’ where you can get to attend various fairs, exhibitions and classical dance and music performances hosted in the town. Did you know Kerala Bags First Spot In Top 20 Global Trending Destinations For 2020

Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore , kozhikode
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7. Spiritual Getaway At Shravanbelagola

Bangaloreans! Your stay in Karnataka would be incomplete without visiting Shravanabelagola located in the Hassan district around 144 km away from Bangalore. This place is known for its 57 m tall monolithic sculpture of Lord Gomateswara. It’s one of the main Jain pilgrimage sites in India. This is situated between the Chandigiri and Vindyagiri hills. So it’s a lovely trek up the hills to view this beautiful statue and the picturesque landscape. This serene place is one of the best family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore.

Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, sravanagelegola
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8. Picturesque Getaway At Coimbatore

Family that travels together stays together right? Well, now all you have to do is travel around 7 hours away from Bangalore to the picturesque city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The majestic mountains, gushing waterfalls, classy buildings, textile industry, delicious food and ancient temples makes this place a must-visit family New year getaway from Bangalore. When you’re here do visit the Isha Foundation and witness the magnificent 112 feet Adiyogi statue, which is even featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s simply breathtaking. Apart from this, you can trek to the Dhoni Hills and the Thalaiyar Falls.

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9. Adventure Family Time In Dubare

A hidden gem in Karnataka, Dubare is just around 4.5 hours away from Bangalore. This is an interesting place due to the Dubare Elephant Camp here. The elephants here are trained for the Mysore Dussehra. Besides being an elephant training camp, Veerabhoomi Tourist Village and Nisargadhama Island are other fun attractions here. You can even have a family time bonding overfishing, trekking, nature photography, elephant rides and boating. This is one of the amazing family New Year’s Getaways From Bangalore.

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10. Chilled Time At Pondicherry

Craving for a relaxing time with your family away from the Bangalore crowd? Head to Pondicherry a former French colony located near Tamil Nadu, around 308 km away from Bangalore. This place is known for its gorgeous French architecture, delicious French food, alfresco cafes, beautiful beaches, mustard-yellow colonial buildings with bougainvillaea laden walls. Go cycling with your family down the town and even sit in one of the pubs, having a glass of beer and soaking in the cool vibes on this place. This is one of the best family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore.  Check out A Detailed Travel Guide From Mumbai To Pondicherry

Family New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, pondicherry
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Here are some of the amazing family New Year’s getaways from Bangalore which you must plan a trip with your family. As we said, a family that travels together makes loads of memories together.