10 Quirkiest Face Masks From Around The World Sure To Make Heads Turn

Quirkiest Face Masks
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1885

Face Masks- a term which was never used before has now become the most popular term of 2020. Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, our life is all about face masks and sanitisers. Well, at least that’s what we think, but people across the globe have found creative ways to wear masks amid this pandemic. Right from wearing a plastic water tank as a mask to donning masks made of cabbage, people are surely trying to add extra oomph to the masks that have now become a wardrobe staple! Here are the top 10 quirkiest face masks that will surely make you say whatttttt…

1.Cabbage Face Mask

While cabbage is good for your digestive system, apparently its too good for your face as well. It’s so good that a Palestinian mother used cabbage to create face masks for her children. Yep, as funny as it sounds, the mask was quite quirky and became viral in no time.

Pic Credit: AP

2. Human waste mask

Well, who says you can’t have a fashionable mask? Fashion photographer Marcio Rodrigues certainly knows how to up the fashion game with masks. Hence he created a mask with human waste and garbage. The items he used in his mask hadn’t been picked up by trash collectors due to the pandemic. So, he used the trash to create the mask and we must say the outcome is quite insane! 

Pic Credit: Reuters

3. Mask alternative

Mask is not all about fabric and this man in Kampala, Uganda clearly proves that. He cleverly hid the lower half of his face behind a circular, alternative mask.

Pic Credit: Agence France-Presse

4. Gold Mask

When we say gold mask, we legit mean gold mask. This man in Pune, India, made headlines for wearing a mask made of pure gold. The mask was worth whooping 2.89 lakhs.

Pic Credit: News18

5. Plastic Bag-Mask

We often consider wearing a double mask to reduce the risk of the coronavirus, but this man in Wuhan, China took it one step further and wore a face mask and a plastic bag on his head.

Pic Credit: Agence France-Presse

6. Pop-culture mask

Quite a lot of people were seen donning a face mask of a crying clown, skull-design mask etc. Well, we think they are too cool, what, about you?

Pic Credit: Gulf News

7. Rose petals mask

Flowers make everything pretty! And why keep roses just limited to decor and ornaments, when you can use them to bedazzle your mask? In fact, in Iraq, a woman added rose petals to her face mask.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

8. Cardboard Mask

Reports state that this mask is a cheaper alternative to regular masks and is equally efficient. We like it too! It’s fun, quirky and definitely trendy at the same time.

Pic Credit: Youtube

9. Plastic Water Tank Mask

It sounds bizzare, but looking at the design, we think that this type of mask works. Thanks to a resident in Manila, who improvised face shield made from a plastic water tank to protect him from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Pic Credit: Gulf News

10. Facehugger Mask

A little creativity can go a long way into driving away from the pandemic blues! And James, an artisanal leatherworker made a face mask in the shape of a face-hugger, which featured as the uber-creepy alien species that attach themselves to people’s face and inject eggs inside them. Well, it sounds creepy but looks useful! What are your thoughts on it?

Pic Credit: Hindustan Times

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