10 Of The Most Ridiculous Complaints By Real Travellers

10 Real & Ridiculous Complaints By Real Travellers
by Natasha Monteiro

Travel Tales

There are all kinds of travelers. The ones who never leave their hotel rooms, the ones who are never in their hotel rooms and the ones who complaint! While some of these guys are legit, our favourites are the travelers who complain about such ridiculous things, that you have no choice but to LOL!

Here are 10 of our favourite real tourist complaints of all time:

“The colour of water in the brochure does not match what we saw at the island”

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“On our trip to India, we were disgusted to find that most restaurants serve curry. We do not like spicy food.”


“The local women are too beautiful. It’s spoiling our honeymoon.”


“We were told the homestay would be homely. It was not like our house at all.”

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“I was bitten by mosquitoes on our jungle trek. No one told us that there would be mosquitoes.”


“The least the tour operator could do was warn us about the unruly guests before we started our travels.”

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“We went to the safari at Yalla National Park and didn’t see anything but crocodiles.”

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“The animals at the zoo don’t look happy enough. Can you do something to make them look happy? Our kids did not enjoy themselves.”


“There were no street signs in English on our trip abroad.”

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“The beach needs to have more fit people. My fiancé and I were disgusted.”


Know of anymore hilarious complaints? Like the people in Spain talking too much Spanish? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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