10 Reasons To Travel With Your Childhood Friends

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by Nainisha Mehta 5045

‘Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara’ taught us quite a few things – trust in relationships, friendship pacts, living life to the fullest, putting love before everything else, and much more. But unarguably, the important thing we learnt is what a bomb idea it is to travel with your chaddi buddies! Also, of course, Spain is a must-visit destination. The movie has said enough, but here are 10 more reasons to tell you why travelling with your childhood friends is a great idea!

Here Are 10 Reasons To Travel With Your Childhood Friends

So, browse through our list of the 10 amazing reasons why you must travel with your childhood friends ASAP.

1. Let The Planning Begin 

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The most exciting and a little strenuous aspect of travelling is planning the itinerary. But when your friend tags you in pictures/posts saying – ‘We are so doing this’, sends you screenshots of all the pages on Skyscanner, or makes you read all the bookmarked articles of what to eat, where to stay, where to go – you know that planning can be a fun process.

2. Childhood Dreams Turn Adult Goals 

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As little kids, you always travelled the world together. Locating countries on the map, playing Atlas or making ‘pinky promises’ about how you’ll one day visit a place, you and your best friend have already planned it all. Now, as you’ve grown older and wiser you get to turn those dreams into reality. Pull out those slam books and diaries and start picking your favourite destinations.

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3. Getting Permission From Your Parents Will Be Easy Breezy 

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Your best friends may have lived at your house throughout your entire childhood. They’ve most probably had more dinners at your house than their own. They have entertained your family friends, hung out with your cousins more than maybe you do. They never call before coming, they answer your house phone just like their own – basically, they are family. And, when the time arrives to pop the big question to your parents, you deep down know they won’t be able to deny it because you’ll be in safe hands. They may not trust you, but they definitely trust your best friend. Asking for a vacation will be very very very easy.

4. All Night, Every Night, SLEEPOVERS! 

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Who remembers the countless times you’ve had to ask your parents to let you sleep at your friends’? Yes, those were painful days. But when travelling with your best friend, you know every night is a sleepover night. You can empty out a whole tub of ice cream or exploit the mini-bar in your room after a hard day of travel. Everything is within the comfort of fluffy pillows and an amazing view out the window. Or better, you could stay up the entire night talking about everything or nothing or watch your favourite movies.

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5. Meet-Cutes Become Easy

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The pain of spotting a cute girl or boy when in a foreign country is tormenting when you’re with your family. There is nothing you can do about it. However, with your best friends by your side, meet-cutes become easy. With the help of some outstanding skills of your wingman or wing woman, you stand a great chance of going out on a date in a foreign country. Isn’t that on everyone’s to-do list?

6. Challenge Accepted! 

The best part about childhood friends is that they know your deepest fears and exactly how to trigger you. If you’re not up for something, they don’t hold back from calling you a chicken. Trying to look at the silver lining? Well, if it weren’t for their push (in twisted ways) you wouldn’t try half the things. Sky diving? Hell, no. Your best friend has already plotted to make you wear the chute. With so much undeterred motivation from them, you know you’re going to have a roller-coaster ride on your trip and try new things.

7. Memories> Mobile Data 

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The phone battery and mobile data you’ll save on your trip will benefit you a lot. Let’s face it, in any part of the world, you use your phone to give your friend real-time updates. Be it from sending every selfie you’ve taken to texting them about every minute of your trip – you happen to use your phone only to be in touch with your Bff! Now, your Bff is with you and you can talk to them in person and click 987987… selfies with them. Goodbye, cellphone! Hello, memories!

8. Friends You Choose, A Family You Get

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When you pick a person to be your best friend, you have chosen them based on similar likings, matching dislikes, shared interests, and parallel opinions – what you like is what they like. This quality comes super-handy when travelling. You’ll end up putting the same places to visit on your itinerary, you’ll never debate on what restaurant to try first because you both want to go to the same one.

If one wants to sleep in, the other one has already made the bed, if one drinks too much, the other one is probably shouting Chug! Chug! Chug! You’ll end up playing the same songs and singing them as loud as you can with matching choreography on your road trips. Moreover, your childhood friend is the best travel companion you can ask for. The trip will be 100 times more fun if you’re with the right company.

9. More Luggage Space, More Souvenirs 

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Given that you are going with your childhood pal, it’s no surprise that you’ll be sharing everything from clothes to toiletries. This just means less occupied space and more room for all the unnecessary souvenirs you buy. We all have that one friend who will definitely buy an “I went to Miami Beach” or an “I just got Leh’d” t-shirt. No matter how ridiculous, you need something to take back, isn’t it?

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10. Wingwoman Turns Maid OOf Honour! 

Your maid of honour who will definitely be your best friend with who you have travelled the world will make an amazing toast on your wedding day. With so many memories made, she will have loads to say! From nights you passed out drunk to times you chickened out of an adventure sport, from days you got lost in a market to times you met cute boys at the bar – her toast will be the stuff of movies!

So, these are the 10 reasons you should totally travel with your childhood friends. Where do you want to travel with your chaddi buddy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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