10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Goa In The Monsoons

by Kritika Kukreja
10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Goa In The Monsoons

Goa might be famous for its beaches, nightlife and water-sports, but its also a perfect destination for the monsoons. With the rains hitting Goa by the first week of June, the climate becomes simply irresistible. But that’s not all. Here are 10 reasons why it’s just awesome to visit Goa during the monsoons –

1. Barely Any Tourists 

We all love Goa, but do we like the fact that its always crowded? Nope! But Goa isn’t full of people when it’s pouring outside. You are free to roam anywhere you like, without worrying about being ambushed in a crowd.



2. It’s All Yours

Less tourists directly means cleaner and quieter Goa and who wouldn’t like that? You can relax on the beach by yourself. Prepare a vodka martini and enjoy the sea breeze. You can even go for a long walk with your bae or watch the perfect sunset by the waters that you will find only in Goa.

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3. Waves Are Glorious 

With the monsoons beginning, the water is sure to turn into a beautiful Goddess. The waves will get wilder and you can leisurely enjoy the views without a worry in the world. But make sure you keep away from the sea if there is a high tide, for safety reasons, of course.

beach wave

4. Dipping In The Sea Is Amazing

Imagine there is a cool water drizzle from the heavens and you’re bathing in the sea. Isn’t that thought exhilarating? With a lesser crowd of tourists, you can bathe in the sea with a bunch of your friends. The water is clearer plus the rains make it absolutely wonderful!

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5. The Food

Some of the beach eateries shut down due to the monsoons, but there might be few that are still working. Owing to the fact that rarely any tourists come around, only some are open. But even those small shacks treat their customers with marvelous food items. You’re an only customer, so you’d get only the best edibles of the place.

6. Cheaper rates on EVERYTHING

Since it’s an off-season time, you will find cheaper travel tickets, cheaper stay in hotels and even cheaper food. If there’s a good deal, who wouldn’t want to go? Grab the opportunity and fly to Goa for your weekend getaway now!

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7. The Scenery

Goa isn’t just about the beaches! The rains make everything beautiful. The lush greenery because of the rains is something you can’t miss. The smell of wet mud and the view of beautiful trees everywhere would ease all the tension you’ve been carrying.

8. Driving Around Is Fun

Lush green forests everywhere and a peaceful climate makes Goa the perfect place for a road trip this monsoons. You would love driving around while its raining and the roads will take you to a heavenly place.

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9. Experience Wildlife

By June, the turtle eggs have hatched in Goa and they all move to the sea. Despite being a turtle conservation city, Goa allows tourists to enter the turtle inhabitant areas to experience the wildlife of the sea.

10. The Susegaad Life

Most of the activities in Goa shut down due to the monsoons, so you have all the free time. Instead of indulging in water sports, you can relax by the jacuzzi in your hotel room, or visit some fantastic bars in Goa.

The monsoons might not be the prime time to visit Goa, but that’s what makes it even more special. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. You can have a relaxing weekend in the rains at Goa or get away from the hustle bustle of your regular city life.

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