10 Schengen Countries With Lowest Visa Rejection Rates In 2023 For A Last-Minute European Holiday!

by Mallika Khurana
10 Schengen Countries With Lowest Visa Rejection Rates In 2023 For A Last-Minute European Holiday!

The Schengen visa rejection rates are getting higher, and planning a European holiday is getting more difficult. Especially if you are planning a last-minute vacation with your family this summer, we totally get what you are going through. Well, we’re here with a solution as well. As per the data from 2022, these are the top Schengen countries with the lowest visa rejection rates!

Countries With The Lowest Visa Rejection Rates

1. Iceland

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Iceland received 7,715 requests for visas in 2022; 146 of those requests were turned down. That represents the lowest rejection rate in the Schengen area, at 1.9%. A diverse range of natural wonders, such as geysers, waterfalls, and the renowned Northern Lights, await you this summer!

2. Lithuania

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Lithuania granted the majority of the 25,556 visa requests that it received. Fewer than 7.8% of applications were turned down. Due to its low rate of visa refusal, the nation is easily accessible for tourists interested in visiting its charming Baltic coastline, picturesque old towns, and medieval castles

3. Latvia

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Latvia granted 18,890 visas out of 21,142 requests, yielding a 9.5% rejection rate. This country in the Baltics is a popular destination for travellers because of its low rate of visa denials. The nation’s architectural wonders, like Riga’s Old Town, are available for you to explore this summer.

4. Slovakia

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Only 9.7% of the 12,211 applications Slovakia received in 2022 were denied. One of the top countries with the lowest visa rejection rates, Slovakia is tucked away in the centre of Europe, and offers a delightful blend of scenic beauty and historic charm. Plan a trip right away and explore its magnificent castles, picturesque mountains, and charming towns.

5. Finland

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9.7% of applications were denied in Finland as well. However, compared to Slovakia, the nation received a much larger number of applications. Only 15,530 of the 1,64,427 applications were turned down. This well-liked travel destination, with a low rate of visa denials, has the breathtaking phenomenon of the midnight sun. 

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6. Luxembourg

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In 2022, only 6,931 visa requests were submitted to Luxembourg, but 6,222 were approved. It is one of the smallest nations in Europe, is open to visitors, and has a low rate (10.5%) of visa denials. This charming country attracts tourists with its assortment of historic forts, picturesque villages, and stunning landscapes.

7. Poland

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With a rejection rate for visas of 11.6%, Poland ranked among the countries with the lowest visa rejection rates in 2022. 9,841 of the 83,114 applications for Schengen visas that the nation received were turned down. Due to the low rate of visa denials, you can explore all that this beautiful country has to offer this summer.

8. Switzerland

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Switzerland only rejected 49,263 visas in 2022 despite receiving more than 4 lakh visa requests. Switzerland, renowned for its magnificent Alps, spotless lakes, and charming cities, has a low rate of visa denials, making it a popular travel destination. 

9. Greece

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Greece turned down 12.5% of the 1,59,129 requests for visas it received. That works out to 4,02,573 visas being issued in 2022. Greece is a popular destination for tourists because of its historical sites, stunning islands, and welcoming people. Wouldn’t it be the perfect place for a family vacation this year?

10. Italy

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Worldwide, Italy received more than 7 lakh requests for Schengen visas. A mere 92,186 of them were rejected, giving the country a rejection rate of 12.7%. Italy is a popular tourist destination because of its extensive history, fine art, and cultural heritage. Due to Italy’s low rate of visa denials, you are welcome to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, explore historical sites, and become engrossed in the beauty of the country.

You can choose any of these amazing countries for a perfect European holiday!

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