10 Unheard Travel Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist

by Natasha Monteiro
10 Unheard Travel Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist

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The right music to get you groovin’ on that road trip you’ve been planning for ages. Funk, Electronica and chill music – we’ve got it all.

To Keep You Groovin’

Road trips can be so much fun! You spend the first hour in a state of constant excitement, the second bringing out the chips, the third settling down, the fourth really getting into the Trip Mode and then begins the fifth hour. The hour where it all starts going downhill and we don’t mean the road. That’s when you’ve played all the Dil Chahta Hai songs on loop for the eighth time. You’re running out of patience and probably space. But fear not, because we’ve got a playlist that’ll calm you, excite you and keep you groovin’.

10. Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ ft. Bryn Christopher

This one is a funky, upbeat mix that’ll make you groove in the car and let your hair down.

9. PETIT BISCUIT – Sunset Lover

This one’s for the electro lovers. Filled with chilled vibes, this one sets the mood for a relaxed drive.

8. Morcheeba – The Sea

This one has to be on your playlist, especially if you’re driving by the coast and living free.

7. Ben Howard – The Wolves

This one is for the open highways and the picturesque roads. It has an upbeat vibe and is still perfect for a background song.

6. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

What’s a road-trip if you can’t sing along? The perfect anthem for a long drive. Sing along, sway along and drive safe.

5. Sarah Jaffe – Clementine

Lose yourself to the perfect chill song. This is the song that gives you hopes, dreams and makes you look like Deepika Padukone gazing out of the window.

4. Oh Wonder – Without You

As the song suggests, step out into the sun and have a li’l fun. Go solo or go with a group. Rediscover the good life.

3. Major Lazer – Sound Bang feat. Machel Montano

Okay fine! So you’ve probably heard this one already but You Know it has to make it to your play-list. Insane vibes, this one’s the perfect pick me up. You can dance, struggle to sing along, master it and then go cray-cray.

2. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

Transport back to the 80s and sing along to the Hippie song.

1. Iggy Pop – The Passenger

If you’re the guy controlling the music, this song is going to give you some serious street cred. Okay, maybe not street cred but you’re going to get some mad props for being such a great DJ.

Well, we’re in love with our list and we just hope you fall in love with it too. Time to update your playlist, guys. Also, do let us know if we missed out on some crazy track in our list. Share happy vibes, love and live.

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