100-Year-Old Al-Qalaa Mosque Will Soon Undergo Restoration To Preserve Urban Heritage Of Saudi!

by Deeplata Garde
100-Year-Old Al-Qalaa Mosque Will Soon Undergo Restoration To Preserve Urban Heritage Of Saudi!

Saudi Arabia is home to several centuries-old monuments and we are in awe of their architecture. The beautiful sculptures are hard to resist and we always end up paying a visit when in the kingdom. Similarly, the mosques in Saudi Arabia carry an altogether distinct significance in beauty and heritage. So let’s have a look at a 100-yr old Al-Qalaa Mosque that will soon undergo a revamp.

A 100-Year-Old Al-Qalaa Mosque To Undergo Renovation

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Under the patronage of HH Prince Mohammad bin Salman, this old structure would be revamped to preserve the urban heritage of the Kingdom.

The stunning structure is located in Hanakiya, a town that is 102 km northeast of Madinah. The medieval mosque will be renovated in the Madinah style. Anticipate an increase in size from 181.75 square metres to 263.55 square metres, with space for 171 worshippers.

The mosque will be rebuilt in its original shape using local wood and natural materials, According to the sources, the construction methods that make it unique in its capacity to adjust to the harsh desert environment will be kept minimal.

By revitalising historic mosques’ religious, cultural, and social roles, the project hopes to reinforce the Kingdom’s Islamic civilization. It is set to give new life to locations that have shaped its people, culture, and intellectual environment over time.

According to the stats provided, there are multiple mosques undergoing this restoration work in the kingdom. And some of them are more than 100 centuries old.

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Another Mosque In Jeddah Is Revamping!

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Under the project of Development of Historical Mosques, multiple mosques are undergoing the preservation process. One of these mosques is the 900-year-old Mosque from Jeddah, Abu Inbeh Mosque.

The region’s mosque depicts a cultural value on display and has been a significant component since the early 14th century AH.

The Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Project seeks to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary building practices in a way that gives mosque parts a suitable level of sustainability and incorporates the results of development with a set of heritage and historical traits.

Saudi businesses and experts who specialise in historic structures are handling the development.

So now we can witness more scenic structures refurbished to look anew in the Kingdom!

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