100 Days Of Covid: 12 Heartwarming Stories From Around The Globe That Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

by Sanjana Shenoy
100 Days Of Covid: 12 Heartwarming Stories From Around The Globe That Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

When we open our newspapers, switch on our TV or scroll through our news feeds, we see death, pain, suffering and lockdown. We don’t know how and when we might find a solution to coronavirus, or step out of our homes and resume normalcy. In times like these, we need hope, positivity and something to assure us that we are all in this together. So here are 12 heartwarming stories from around the globe that will bring a smile on your face, and hope in your heart amid the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Young British Girl Writes To PM Boris Johnson Cancelling Her Birthday

Josephine, a 7-year-old British girl wrote a sincere letter to England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, informing him that she won’t be celebrating her birthday this year and will be cancelling it in order to keep everyone safe. Her handwritten letter moved the Prime Minister and he himself replied to it by writing a letter to her. Josephine expressed that she didn’t mind cancelling her birthday as she wanted everyone to be okay. Her letter was lauded by the Prime Minister, who cited it as a great example for social distancing.

2. Jimmy Dean Hudson Spent His Pocket Money To Deliver Toilet Rolls To Elders In His Community

Jimmy Dean Hudson, a 7-year old boy from Westcliff, in Southend became a local hero in his community as he spent his entire pocket money to purchase and deliver toilet rolls to the elderly. The youngster spent his own pocket money to start Boutique Toilet Roll Delivery Service, where he would deliver toilet rolls on his handcart at the doorsteps of the senior citizens in his community. Many elderly citizens were taken back by his kindness and sweet gesture. He next plans on delivering food, beverages and other essentials to the elderly.

Picture Credits: clactonandfrintongazette.co.uk

3. China Sends Medical Staff And Supplies To Italy

Inspite of China being the worst hit nation by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese authorities have sent their coronavirus specialities and around 30 tonnes of medical supplies to Italy, which is currently facing 63,927 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 6,078 deaths. Italy falls right behind China when it comes to the most number of coronavirus cases in the world. This just proves that when it comes to moments of crisis, humanity joins hands and erases national borders to help each other out.

Picture Credits: nbcnews.com

4. Bengaluru Woman Offers To Deliver Essentials To Elderly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strictly advised citizens over the age of 60 years to remain home quarantined and not step out of the house as they are most prone to getting coronavirus. During times like this, Aishwarya S, a 32-year-old, IT professional in Bengaluru has offered to cycle throughout the city and deliver essentials to the elderly. Aishwarya’s mother resides in Chennai and she feels helpless that she can’t travel there and help out her mother. So she instead wants to channel her feelings and energies to help out senior citizens of the city by delivering groceries, medicines or even stop by for a chat to make them feel good.

5. Thane Housing Community Stands By People Who Returned From Coronavirus Affected Countries

A Thane housing community are going out of their way to make sure their neighbours who returned from coronavirus affected countries, don’t get harassed or feel left out by others in the country. People from the housing community are making sure that their neighbours who are home quarantined, get doorstep delivery and their lives remain peaceful. A committee member informed TOI that their Thane community have decided to stand by families who have been put in home quarantine. It could have been one of them, so they have decided to regularly interact with their neighbours on the intercom and make sure they feel comfortable and supported. Did you know Mumbai Local Train Services Have Been Suspended Till March 31 Over COVID-19?

Picture Credits: business-standard.com

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6. Puducherry Cricket Board Opens Dorm To Coronavirus Patients

Coronavirus doesn’t infect people on the basis of their economic status, career, race, religion or colour. So it makes it all the more important for humanity from all walks of life to come together to combat this deadly virus. Puducherry Cricket Board have opened their dorm rooms to coronavirus patients to provide them with intense medical care. The Cricket Board have tied up with Laxmi Medical College in Puducherry, which can house up to 30 patients. The former president of CAP and state cricket nominee for BCCI meetings, P Damodaran stated that they had built a dormitory for two cricket teams to stay comfortably, accommodating 30 cricketers. The cricket campus in Pondicherry has dining, kitchen and other facilities, which will make sure that 30 coronavirus infected patients can comfortably be treated here. This is definitely a great tie-up between cricket and coronavirus, one which will hopefully see great results.

Picture Credits: indianexpress.com

7. Group Of Neighbours Sang Birthday Song For 80-year Old Home Quarantined Woman In Spain

When you’re home quarantined for weeks together it can be tough. But it’s tougher when you’re all alone, without family or friends to give you company in your home. Charo, an 80-year old lady was at home all alone on her birthday. But a gesture of kindness by her neighbours left her feeling loved on her special day. Her apartment residents placed a cake with a birthday candle outside her door and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for her from their balconies. When she saw the cake and heard them singing, she cried with joy. This heartwarming video garnered half a million views and lots of smiles around the world. Did you know Spain Held National Sleeping Competition To Promote Naps?

8. Online Clinic In The UK Offering Free Therapy Sessions

An online clinic in the UK is offering elderly people free therapy sessions. This is done so their mental health doesn’t get affected while being isolated from the world. Elderly people can book themselves a 15 to 20-minute session guided by a qualified therapist who will help them by giving practical and emotional advice through Facebook, Skype, Messenger or phone. This is a way to spread goodness and eradicate loneliness amongst people who are most vulnerable to the virus.

Picture Credits: spaopportunities.com

9. Amazon Offers Free Audio Books And Kids TV

In order to help parents keep their children occupied during coronavirus, Amazon is offering free audiobooks and kids tv. Hundreds of audiobook titles in Amazon’s audiobook service Audible has been made free. Kids shows are also being made available at free of cost even to non-subscribers of its Prime Video streaming service, so little ones can be kept busy. Audiobooks and kids shows will help parents not only to keep their youngsters occupied but to also teach them and hone their creativity from the comfort of their homes.

Picture Credits: cnn.com

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10. Museums, Exhibitions, Concerts, Opera And Ballet Performances Of Europe Offer Free Online Tours

You might have booked your tickets to Europe, but due to COVID-19, you couldn’t fulfil your Europe vacation plans. But if you can’t go to Europe, then Europe will come to you.  World-class cultural institutions might have closed its doors to visitors but they have opened their online doors to anyone who wants to travel in the comfort of their homes. You can now take virtual tours of some of Europe’s best art galleries, museums, opera houses, theatres, ballet performances and much more from any part of the world. Digital streaming concerts, ballet, virtual tours and online galleries are all within your reach. The world is indeed much smaller and much more connected than ever. Did you know Louvre Museum And Other Tourists Sites In Italy And France Have Been Shut Down Due To Coronavirus?

11. Cambridge University Press In The UK Makes Over 700 Textbooks Free

Books are man’s best friends, and Cambridge University in the UK definitely doesn’t want you to be lonely during the quarantine period at your home. Cambridge University Press has made over 700 published higher education textbooks free. And you can get access to these in HTML format till the end of May 2020 on Cambridge Core. They are also providing 80 books and journal articles related to COVID-19 research, to help students and readers across the world during the pandemic. Students can now get access to free online content that will support distance learning for those whose schools have been closed.

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12. Broadway In The United States Offers Free Online Musicals And Plays

At times like these when we are stuck at home with schools, colleges, malls and pubs closed, here’s when we start appreciating art and culture, which truly feed our soul. Broadway in the US will soon be offering free online musicals and plays. BroadwayHD a streaming service will provide high-quality theatre experiences which you can enjoy in the comfort of your living room sofa. You can enjoy a free 7-day trial and then subscribe this if you like this. Broadway shows like Sound of Music, Cats and The King and I, are some of the shows you can watch here.

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These are some of the heartwarming stories from across the globe, that will give you hope and positivity during these testing times. Do extend a helping hand to the elderly in your community, follow government orders, stay quarantined in your homes, and spread happiness and positivity all around you. We are all in this together!