120 Passengers Left Waiting In Kochi After Technical Issue In Saudia Flight

by Mallika Khurana
120 Passengers Left Waiting In Kochi After Technical Issue In Saudia Flight

In an unexpected turn of events, the bustling atmosphere of Kochi’s international airport came to a standstill when more than 120 passengers found themselves in a state of uncertainty. Their eagerly anticipated journey to Saudi Arabia was abruptly disrupted when their Saudia Airlines flight to Riyadh was cancelled due to unforeseen technical issues. What was meant to be a straightforward trip turned into an ordeal, leaving these passengers stranded in Kochi, with frustration and confusion mounting as they awaited resolution and clarity from the airline. 

Saudia Airlines Flight To Riyadh Halted Over Technical Issue

passengers stranded in Kochi
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On September 23, more than 120 passengers found themselves in a predicament at Nedumbassery Airport in Ernakulam district due to the sudden cancellation of their Saudia Airlines flight to Riyadh. The flight, scheduled for departure at around 8.25 pm on that fateful Saturday evening, was abruptly cancelled, citing technical issues as the cause.

The ordeal began when passengers had already boarded the flight, only to encounter an issue with one of the aircraft’s doors. As per The News Minute reports, passengers were asked to deboard with the assurance that the technical glitch would be resolved shortly. However, their hopes were dashed as, three hours later, the flight authorities announced that they would need to stay in a hotel for the night.

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Passengers Were Left Waiting In Ernakulam

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Frustration and anxiety grew among the passengers, many of whom had urgent commitments in Riyadh, such as work obligations or visa-related matters. They were left in a state of limbo, waiting for communication from the airline regarding their travel plans. Unfortunately, as time passed, they received no updates.

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In an attempt to address the situation, Cochin International Airport confirmed that passengers were indeed deboarded due to a technical issue. As per the News Minute reports, they had no further information to provide. Similarly, the Saudia Airlines employee reiterated that the problem was a “technical issue” and assured that it was being resolved. While the passengers were being accommodated on other flights to Riyadh in smaller groups, the lack of clear communication left them feeling frustrated and disoriented.

The passengers found themselves waiting in hotel rooms with no contact number to inquire about updates. 

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