120 Rooms, Communal Space & More; Cloud 7 Hotel Is Set To Open In Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Revolutionising Hospitality with 'The Collective by Kerten Hospitality'.

by Deeplata Garde
120 Rooms, Communal Space & More; Cloud 7 Hotel Is Set To Open In Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

In a strategic alliance, Kerten Hospitality and Hwadi have joined forces to bring forth the exquisite Cloud 7 Hotel in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. This visionary project falls under the esteemed banner of ‘The Collective by Kerten Hospitality,’ representing a commitment to integrating diverse lifestyles and mixed-use initiatives throughout Saudi Arabia. An impressive investment of SAR 1.5 billion has already been earmarked for 2023, highlighting the significant scale and ambition of this venture.

120 Rooms and Suites Reflecting Al Ahsa’s Essence

Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa is not just a place to stay; it’s an immersive experience designed to cater to both short and long-term guests. With 120 thoughtfully crafted rooms and suites, the hotel takes pride in showcasing Al Ahsa’s rich culture through intricate art and design elements. The vision is to seamlessly blend with the Al Ahsa environment, positioning the hotel as a central hub for events and community engagement.

A Lifestyle-Oriented Haven

This avant-garde project is not merely a hotel; it’s a lifestyle haven equipped to host large-scale events. The aim is to provide accommodations that go beyond the ordinary, creating a communal space where locals can gather, enjoy diverse amenities, and actively participate in events—all under one roof. The incorporation of local and GCC-based retail and dining concepts further adds to the allure of this multifaceted destination.

‘Ouspace’ and ‘Food Souk’ Transforming Experiences

 Cloud 7
Pic Creds: Cloud 7

A revolutionary inclusion in the Cloud 7 Hotel project is ‘Ouspace,’ a dynamic business and social hub, that fosters a collaborative environment. Complementing this is the ‘Food Souk,’ a dining destination that serves as a culinary showcase featuring local and regional F&B concepts. These additions underscore Kerten Hospitality’s dedication to supporting culinary talents in the Kingdom and enhancing the overall guest experience.

The Cloud 7 Hotel initiative aligns seamlessly with the values of the Abdulmonem Alrashed Humanitarian Foundation. Beyond a luxurious stay, the project prioritises social and cultural development across Saudi Arabia, striving to empower communities and foster sustainable growth. By engaging the local community and integrating guests into the vibrant fabric of Al Ahsa, the hotel aims to transcend the conventional hotel experience.

Al Ahsa: Beyond The Hotel Walls

Mention Al Ahsa and the first thought is the world’s largest oasis. Nestled in the Eastern Province and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ahsa beckons visitors with its cultural richness and historical significance. The Cloud 7 Hotel initiative seeks to harmonise with this unique locale. Also, it offers a holistic experience that extends beyond traditional hospitality.

Cover Image Courtesy: Kerten Hospitality

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