15 Activities, Island’s Largest Spin Class & More, Dubai Fitness Challenge Is Taking Over Palm Jumeirah

by Deeplata Garde
15 Activities, Island’s Largest Spin Class & More, Dubai Fitness Challenge Is Taking Over Palm Jumeirah

It’s time to gear up and get going on the journey to becoming fit. The Dubai Ffitness Challenge is taking over Palm Jumeirah and we can’t keep calm. With over 15 activities like yoga, kickboxing, runs, etc, there’s so much to do within a month’s span. Nakheel’s Palm Jumeirah is collaborating with the Dubai Fitness Challenge this year to provide a better exhilarating wellness experience to the participants.

Palm Jumeirah Picks Up Three Destinations To Be The Fitness Hubs

Events will take place at Palm West Beach, The Pointe, and Golden Mile Galleria. Yoga lessons, meditation workshops, and the beachside pop-up outdoor fitness gym will be available for fitness aficionados of all ages. Go participate and take advantage of the sunshine, milder temperatures, and picturesque and relaxing surroundings.

These are some of the enlisted activities to take place at Dubai Fitness Challenge Palm Jumeirah.

  1. Stretching with Topstretching
  2. Doga- Yoga With Your Furry Friend
  3. Yoga At Yoga La Vie
  4. Kids Run
  5. Padel
  6. RaceME Events
  7. Kickboxing
  8. Family Day
  9. Dog Run
  10. Little Champions Fitness Club

Enrol At The Island’s Largest Spin Class And Fitness Hubs

Do you find yourself worried to go cycling outside due to the harsh weather conditions of Dubai? Then you need to check out this Largest Spin class happening as a part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge. Fans of static cycling will feel excited to participate in the largest spin class on the island at Palm Jumeirah. The spin session will take place on October 29 from 8 am to 9 am in partnership with the city’s top fitness studio at all three venues. The class will host around 50 static cycling enthusiasts. Two more sessions for visitors will thereafter be held at the studios till 11 am.

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The three venues will act as an outdoor gym with a variety of stations for exercising. This will be including equipment for solitary use, rooms and specialised for group workouts. The fitness classes will regulate activities like boxing, functional training, stretching, and more. Workout by the Beach, the fitness centre at Palm West Beach, will commence from November 5 to 11. The Golden Mile Galleria fitness club opens from November 12 to 25.

There are many more activities to explore here. So go, get fit!

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