17-YO Cake Slice From King Charles And Camilla’s Wedding Is All Set To Be Auctioned!

by Rachna Srivastava
17-YO Cake Slice From King Charles And Camilla’s Wedding Is All Set To Be Auctioned!

Yes, you read the headline correctly! And, yes you are bound to have so many questions, just like us. But first things first – the news itself. So, King Charles and Camilla’s (now Queen Consort) marriage is public domain knowledge. They got married in April 2005! And, naturally, their wedding had a delish cake. Duh?!

But 17 years later, a slice of that very cake is all set to be auctioned. Yes, it is moldy, but who cares? Royal fans are brimming with excitement to “have” a slice of it!

King Charles And Camilla’s Wedding Cake Slice In A Tin Box!

King Charles and Camilla Cake
Image Courtesy: bid.keysauctions.co.uk

Fans, and folks who love collecting royal memorabilia, can soon place bids for the souvenir from the historic event. It will come in the original tin which has kept the wedding cake for 17 years. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding nuptials are well-documented, but we’re quite surprised to see the cake being preserved, TBH!

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The fruitcake at King Charles And Camilla’s has a beautiful pink tin that commemorates the date of the royal wedding – 9 April 2005 – which is inscribed. The inscription also bears King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s then titles and the royal cipher.

The Cakemakers!

The lovely, royale cake was made by bakers Mary Robinson and Dawn Blunden in their cake shop called Sophisticake which is located in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. The cake was made using 1080 eggs and about 20 brandy bottles! Ooh, sounds yum!

Dawn told express.co.uk that she bagged the job for making the unique and lovely cake because of her son Darren (who had cooked for King Charles once and told him about his mother’s cake business). And after tasting her lovely creation, Charles loved it and commissioned the cake duties to her!

It is estimated that that slice is gonna fetch £600

That’s Not The Only Royal Cake Being Auctioned!

Prince William And Kate
Image Courtesy: bid.keysauctions.co.uk

Well, in other news, another 12-year-old Royal Wedding Cake slice is also going to be auctioned. You wanna guess? Pretty sure you have Sherlocked your way through and guessed it that we are talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s THE ROYAL WEDDING! (The caps are to capture the excitement levels of those who witnessed the frenzy in 2011).

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That Royal Wedding, which took place on April 29, 2011, had a towering and gorgeous 8-tier cake. That cake was designed by Fiona Cairns from Leicestershire.

Other Items?

Yep, there’s more! On auction is also:

  • A Christmas card to Prince William and Prince Harry from Charles and Princess Diana.
  • A Royal Family photo album featuring Late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
  • A 1980 signed photo of Queen And Duke of Edinburgh
  • A Boxed Fortnum
  • A 2002 Mason Christmas Pudding!

 Do you wanna place your bids? Well, head to bid.keysauctions.co.uk and do so! Happy bidding to you!