17-YO Refused To Swap Plane Seat With A Pregnant Woman, Who Then Burst Into Tears! Netizens React

by Shreya Rathod
17-YO Refused To Swap Plane Seat With A Pregnant Woman, Who Then Burst Into Tears! Netizens React

Many airlines give passengers the option to choose their seats from the time they purchase until a few hours before takeoff. People might choose to let the airline choose their seats if they want to try and save some money or don’t have a choice. But doing so can lead to conflict, as one passenger discovered on a recent flight. The passenger described her experience on a recent flight, including her confusion when a pregnant woman asked her to switch her plane seat.

A Passenger Refused To Switch Seats With A Pregnant Woman!

I got yelled at because I refuse to gave up my seat to a pregnant lady in plane
byu/orangesiberiancat inchildfree

A passenger shared her experience on a flight when she refused to switch seats with a pregnant woman. She also emphasised her confusion when the woman started screaming at her after she told her she didn’t want to give up her seat because she had reserved it.

A Reddit member, orangesiberiancat, detailed how she had reserved seats for her and her family for a two-day vacation, with hers being by the window and her parents’ being higher up. However, she detailed in her piece how a pregnant passenger asked her to switch seats so her child could have a window seat, and she gently declined. This is when troubles began.

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After this rejection, things got out of hand. She wrote that the woman was relentless and kept asking her about it to the point where she started to yell and start crying. She was then instructed to stand up and find a new seat by another older woman who approached us. A stewardess then arrived and made an effort to diffuse the tension.

Netizens React By Defending The User

byu/orangesiberiancat from discussion

The user acknowledged getting into a heated argument with the lady and her mother, who eventually walked back to their seats. However, she also acknowledged that they had been dozing off the entire trip and was left wondering whether they had done the right thing by giving up their seat for the woman’s child.

Many users quickly defended the poster in the comments section below the post. A person replied that if a pregnant woman wants a window seat, she can reserve one. Another person stated that he doubted it was the only window on the entire aircraft. She chose a teenager who seemed to be alone because she felt they would be an easy target to intimidate out of their seats.

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A third person commented that even before birth, her child is unable to look out the window. She then pretended to be a victim in order to persuade everyone to agree with her demands.

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