1st In The Food Industry, A Lab-Grown Chicken From Israel Receives Kosher Certification

by Deeplata Garde
1st In The Food Industry, A Lab-Grown Chicken From Israel Receives Kosher Certification

Kosher certification is quite renowned and many people apply for it. For the one’s unaware of this certification, Kosher is basically a special stamp of approval that certain foods meet Jewish dietary laws. It ensures that the food or product meets these religious standards and can be consumed by those who observe kosher dietary practices. And recently a startup company from Tel Aviv earned this stamp for their chicken.

Tel Aviv, Israel Startup Gets Kosher Stamp For Their Lab-Grown Product

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In a big step for the food technology world, SuperMeat, a startup from Tel Aviv, received a special certification called “kosher” for its lab-grown chicken. The certification comes from the Orthodox Union in the US, which usually certifies over 1.3 million products as kosher. But recently, it’s the first time they’ve certified lab-grown meat, chicken.

SuperMeat’s lab-grown chicken is made from special chicken egg cells. These cells are taken from the egg at just the right time, so they stay kosher. Then, they put these cells into a special place with kosher ingredients, and they grow into chicken meat. With some more clever tricks, they can even make it look like chicken nuggets!

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Pushing Boundaries And Innovating To Make Kosher Chicken!


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This is a big deal because it shows that lab-grown meat can be kosher. Rabbi Menachem Genack, who runs OU Kosher, said they’re happy to give a kosher stamp to a food that’s not just following the rules but also pushing the boundaries of food technology.

To get this certification, they had to check everything, from where the ingredients come from to how it’s made. This is like a guide for other companies that want to make lab-grown meat and get it kosher-certified too.

SuperMeat’s CEO, Ido Savir, says this is important because they want their lab-grown chicken to be for everyone, no matter their dietary rules. It’s not just about following the rules; it’s about making tasty chicken for people all around the world.

This is not just a big moment for SuperMeat; it’s a big accord for the whole food technology world. It shows that we might have new ways to make kosher meat, and it could change how we think about making food in the future.

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