2022 Is Called “The Greatest Of All Trips’ And Here’s Why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
2022 Is Called “The Greatest Of All Trips’ And Here’s Why

The year 2022 is named The Greatest Of All Trips by travel site Expedia. The site had conducted a poll which revealed that everyone wants to experience their best travel this year and wants to tick off things on their bucket list. After a hiatus of almost two years, as the international travel is back on the track, people have already planned their trips, vacations, mini-vacations or getaways.

Leisure Travellers Spending The Highest On Travel

Statistics state that this year 70% of leisure travellers are spending more than they did in the last five years on travel. Founder and curator in chief of Encompass Experiences, Bhawna Rao revealed to TOI that they are observing that people are spending a better amount than pre-covid times this year on travel. The hiatus of two years of being stuck at home is why people now want to go out and explore rather than do the usual.

Relax, Explore And Work

People are looking at exotic places as their workstations like Spain, Portugal and Mexico as many countries are offering remote working visas. Various Gulf countries, countries of Europe and America want the working professionals to enjoy the luxury of working from anywhere. This is a good way to relax, explore and work at the same time. 


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Beach Destinations Top The List

As the countries pulling down travel restrictions coincides with summer vacation, beach destinations are what people are going for the most. Thailand, Greece, Turkey and South Asian beach destinations are high in demand. 


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Stepping Out For Shopcations

The fashion destinations like Paris and Milan are in demand as people are ready to set out and shop. In the two years, people’s shopping got limited to buying what is available in their city or buying online. So now they want to simply travel for shopping and splurge. 

Safari Tours Are In

Not only luxury travel or shopping is the reason, but people are also opting for safari tours in the continent of Africa. People wish to have that perfect African wildlife experience by spotting animals like lions and giraffes. 

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