24-YO Man In Chokehold By A Marine On NYC Subway Dies. Details Inside

by Tejashee Kashyap
24-YO Man In Chokehold By A Marine On NYC Subway Dies. Details Inside

Over the years, the New York City Subway system has seen a number of accidents, some of which have been quite serious. On Monday afternoon, a 30-year-old man died when the victim was in a chokehold by another on the NYC Subway, according to the police and video of the encounter.

How Did The Incident Occur?

The incident was captured on video by Juan Alberto Vazques, a freelance journalist, on his phone. He posted the same on his Facebook page, Luces de Nueva York.

The police said they received a call at about 2:27 p.m. about a fight that had broken out on an F train travelling north. When they arrived, they found the man unconscious on the train. He was taken to Lenox Health Hospital in Greenwich Village, where he was pronounced dead. The victim’s name has not been declared yet.

During the NYC subway ride, the victim was acting in a hostile and erratic manner towards other passengers. Then,  he was approached by the other man who restrained him. Describing the incident, the freelance journalist said that the man got on the subway car with an aggressive speech, saying he was hungry. He added that other passengers got scared by his yelling. It was then that a co-passenger came up from behind and put him in a chokehold.

The video shows the man flailing with his arms and kicking his legs in an attempt to free himself and shows the man being held down for at least two minutes before he stopped moving.

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Has Similar Incidents Occurred Before?

Image Credits: Canva

The NYC Subway system is one of the busiest transportation networks in the world, serving millions of riders every day.

In February 2020, a woman was killed after being dragged by a subway train in the Bronx. The incident occurred when the woman’s clothing got caught in the train doors as she was exiting the train. In May 2020, a man was pushed onto the subway tracks and killed by a stranger in Manhattan.

According to New York Times, the rates of major crimes in the subway dropped 16 per cent from Oct 25 to Jan 22. Recently, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is also planning to install security cameras inside every subway train.

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Cover image credits: Canva; Facebook/Luces de Nueva York