Video Of Man Bathing In NYC Subway Goes Viral; Delhi Metro Has Solid Takkar From New York

by Shreya Rathod
Video Of Man Bathing In NYC Subway Goes Viral; Delhi Metro Has Solid Takkar From New York

Public transport has become a new hotspot for bizarre stunts. Whether it’s Delhi Metro or New York City Subway, you might find someone doing weird activities. After the Delhi Metro girl video went viral, an old video of the NYC subway resurfaced. The video features a man bathing in public on the subway. And Netizens are laughing hard!

Man Bathing On NYC Subway!

A video has, recently, surfaced on the Internet after the Delhi Metro video went viral. The video starts with a man removing his shirt, pants and shoes. There is a luggage trolley bag laid horizontally on the subway aisle. He then proceeds to open the bag that had a sponge and a can of water and body wash inside it.

The man pours water into the bag and proceeds to clean himself. After this, he takes a towel and wipes himself and wears clothes again. Then, he closes the suitcase and gets off at the next station. The video was posted by princezee on Facebook.

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Netizens Are In Fits Over This Video

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Credits: Canva

The man taking a public bath video has gone viral and netizens are having a fit. One user has commented that the man needs to take off his ‘draws’ next time. Another user pointed out that the man knew not to take his underwear off.

According to some. This was purely a public stunt looking at the time taken at home to arrange the suitcase with everything. While some applauded him for not spilling water everywhere. Some people are amazed by his confidence. One of them wrote: “love this guy for being so confident”.

Delhi Metro was the venue for a similar incident. A girl was seen wearing a revealing outfit and the video went viral on the Internet. The authorities had prohibited shooting videos inside the metro before this video went viral. The girl was trolled and created a stir online. Commenting on the incident, the authorities had asked people to maintain decency and not wear revealing clothes.

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Well, after the viral video of the NYC subway, Delhi Metro has tough competition! Tell us what you think about this man bathing in public.

Cover Image Credits: princezee/ Facebook