Delhi Metro: These Viral Videos Kept Netizens Divided, Busy And Stunned

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Metro: These Viral Videos Kept Netizens Divided, Busy And Stunned

Did someone say drama? Well, I heard Delhi metro. We Indians love drama, and our movie and series choices are also mostly dominated by dramas. And the Delhi metro looks like a hot spot for all the drama in the country. From a monkey boarding the train to two women fighting, the Delhi Metro has given social media channels some of the best viral videos and a lot of drama. Let’s check them out. 

Delhi Metro: Viral Videos

1. Young Woman Wearing Revealing Clothes

Recently, a young woman who was wearing a revealing outfit had become the talk of the town. A video from the Delhi Metro featuring this woman went viral on the internet, and the internet saw a huge outrage from netizens. On this, DMRC asked commuters to maintain decorum and not wear anything that might offend others. 

 This comes just a few days after the Delhi Metro prohibited people from filming videos while travelling. It had asked people not to shoot any reel or video inside the coaches as it may trouble other passengers. 

2. Couple Kissing In The Metro

Another video that went viral on the internet from the Delhi Metro featured a couple who were standing extremely close to each other and were kissing. As PDA (public display of affection) is not a thing in India, a debate sparked that left the internet divided. Many people called it a shameful act, while others said normalising PDA is important for our country. 

3. Monkey Travels In Metro Coach

We meet different people in the metro everyday, some faces are familiar too. But once, the Delhi Metro had a very unusual passenger, a monkey. A curious monkey travelled in the metro, and all the passengers were simply amused as he kept roaming around the place. He even swung on the bars. The train was evacuated to the next station after DMRC staff informed it about the same.  

4. Women Fighting And Spraying Pepper Spray

Delhi BJP MP Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga shared a video on the internet that featured two women fighting in the metro. The fight was a verbal one in the beginning that started over a seat. It later became so intense that they started using their hands to hit each other. One of them began spraying pepper spray on the other, who was an elderly lady. 

5.  Men Fighting Over A Seat

Another incident caught on camera was a fight between two men that went viral on the internet. Two middle aged men got into a verbal fight in the metro over a seat. The two men were constantly fighting, threatening each other, and cussing. The video was 27 seconds long and also showed other passengers intervening to calm the two men down. But they refused to listen to anyone and continued fighting. 

6.  Woman Dances On Bhojpuri Song


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A woman draped in a red sari was seen dancing on the metro platform. The video that went viral on the internet featured a woman dancing to a Bhojpuri song. This video was posted on Instagram and left the internet divided. Many people lauded the woman’s confidence and dance, while many were unhappy with the video being shot in the Delhi metro. 

7. Couple Fighting Over A Dress

A video that went viral from the Delhi Metro featured a couple fighting with each other. The couple was fighting over the dress and its price. The woman kept hitting the guy while the guy asked her to leave. Towards the end, before the couple got off the metro, the guy also hit the woman once. 

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Did you spot any other drama? Let us know!

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