2nd December Street: A Complete Guide To This Buzzing Area

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
2nd December Street: A Complete Guide To This Buzzing Area

Fondly called Called Al Diyafah until 2011, 2nd December Street was renamed to mark the 40th UAE National Day. The street can now easily pass off as one of Dubai’s buzzing spots. What comes across as a quiet, quaint area, transforms into one of the liveliest walking strips in the evenings. Decked with lip-smacking street food, and shopping spots, here’s what is sure to impress you when you take a stroll down this buzzing little street.

1. Explore The Artsy Side Of Dubai

If you are an art lover, then 2nd December Street is sure to be a visual treat! The street boasts Instagram-worthy graffiti walls, which perfectly reflect the Emirati culture and tradition. The Dubai Street Museum, is home to one-of-its-kind murals that display the talent and dedication of Emirati artists, positioning them in line with International artists. Every picture tells a story leaving you intrigued for more.

Photo Credits – I grew up in Dubai / Facebook

2. Great Food, No Bull

2nd December street is haven for foodies too! From the irresistible shawarmas at Al Mallah to the juicy kebabs at Ravi’s, and the ever-crowded Noddle Bowl, the street is tucked in with an impressive line up of affordable eateries serving the best street foods in the region. If you enjoy night life, head here post 7 pm and watch the street come alive with people waiting to get their hands on lip-smacking delicacies.

3. Shop Until You Drop

From Textiles to furnishing for your home, find the best bargains for all your shopping needs right here. Some of the classic stores for fabrics, dress materials and every variety of laces can be found right here. If you’re fond of indoor plants, Al Hubaiba Street is home to some of the best varieties in the region. It’s recommended that you bargain unless you want to get ripped off big time. #lifehack

Photo Credits – Regal / Facebook

4. “Tailored” To Your Needs

The street is not only infamous for its fabric stores, but also for the endless tailors who are the ultimate saviours if you’re looking to get a custom made outfit. One of the most popular tailors is Dream Girl – your one-stop solution if you would like to have an outfit in time for Eid.

Photo Credits – Dream Girl Tailors / Facebook

5. Karak For The Soul

Koukh Al Shay serves the perfect Karak that would remind you of home. For AED 1, this is a perfect pitstop to catch up with your friends and unwind after a long day. And, if you feel a little peckish, pair your Karak with a spicy burgers or rolls and we bet you won’t regret.

Credits: Koukh Al Shay/ Facebook